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Find out more about us


National Debt Advisors is a Registered Debt Counselling Firm.

We are registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR). Registration number: NCRDC2351. Feel free to confirm our registration by searching for National Debt Advisors on the NCR website.

We Protect You and Your Valuable Assets.

Since the National Credit Act (NCA) prescribed debt counselling as a legal debt relief process, National Debt Advisors (NDA) has guided thousands of consumers out of the depression, poverty and stress of the debt trap.

We will protect you and your possessions from credit providers and debt collectors, harassing you and threatening to take away your homes and cars. You are safe in the capable hands of NDA.

We organise a more affordable Debt Repayment Plan for you.

By tailoring your debt repayment plan to suit your personal circumstances, we’ll ensure you can more than afford your monthly living costs with ease.

At the same time, you will also be able to cover your monthly instalments, interest rates and our debt counselling fees comfortably – as these will be built into your affordable plan.

As a registered firm, our fees are regulated by the NCR, so you can rest assured these charges will always be reasonable and fair.

NDA has good relationships with the Major Credit Providers.

NDA has well-established relationships with many Major Credit Providers, enabling us to quickly and efficiently negotiate beneficial Debt Repayment Terms for our Clients. Just one of the many reasons our Financial Rehabilitation success rate is so high.

We offer Quality Online Services across South Africa.

You don’t have to come into our offices to apply for Debt Review.

All South Africans have access to our Debt Review services online, with our quick, easy online application process, which can be finalised over the phone and via e-mail.

As a key contender in the SA Debt Review industry, NDA is well-liked for its commitment to service excellence. As such, our Professional Consultants are at the top of their game.

NDA employs Specialist Attorneys with superior expertise.

Our specialist attorneys are experts in debt review and reckless lending.

If our attorneys uncover reckless credit agreements after conducting in-depth investigations, they will take legal action on your behalf to get you financial redress.


Need help getting rid of your debt?

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