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Who we are:

Voted the best debt counselling company in the country for 2020, National Debt Advisors is committed to guiding clients toward financial freedom. With a dedicated team of nearly 400 professionals, we ensure a smooth debt review process, even in the face of the challenges brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown.

Recognising the financial strains experienced by millions in the country, we understand the critical importance of choosing a competent debt counsellor to navigate tough times. As South Africa’s leading debt counsellor, we offer a comprehensive suite of services, which include negotiating with creditors, reducing interest rates, extending repayment terms, and consolidating debts.

If you’re grappling with debt or seeking information on debt review, fill out our contact form, and our highly competent debt advisors will promptly assist you. Choose NDA, the number one debt counsellor in the country, for a secure path to financial stability.

Our Mission:

To guide and support individuals facing financial challenges on their journey to a debt-free life by providing expert debt counseling and personalised solutions. Our commitment is to be your trustworthy partner, making the path to financial freedom smoother and more achievable.

Our Vision:

To be the go-to debt counseling firm in South Africa, known for our unwavering dedication to helping consumers overcome financial challenges and build a debt-free future. Our goal is to create a positive and lasting impact, contributing to a financially resilient and empowered community.

Our Values

Icon - Integrity Matters

Integrity Matters:

We operate with integrity, ensuring honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct in all our interactions with you, creditors, and regulatory authorities.

Icon - Expert Service

Expert Service:

Our team is dedicated to bringing you the expertise needed for top-notch debt counseling, with professionalism woven into every aspect of our services.

Icon - Embracing Innovation

Embracing Innovation:

We’re all about staying ahead by embracing innovation. It helps us enhance our services and adapt to your evolving needs, ensuring a smooth and cutting-edge experience.

Icon - Empathetic Support

Empathetic Support:

We approach each client with empathy and understanding, offering more than just financial guidance. We’re here as your reliable and compassionate partner.

Icon - Compliance Excellence

Compliance Excellence:

We’re accountable for the trust you place in us and ensure that all our practices are in line with the regulations set by the National Credit Act in the highest standards.

Icon - Client Centric

Client Centric:

Your needs and concerns are at the heart of everything we do. We’re committed to providing exceptional service that prioritises your satisfaction.