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When does debt review end?

The debt review period differs for every individual

When does debt review end? Your period under debt review ends when you have paid up all your debt (home loan account not included). After that, you will receive a clearance certificate from your debt counsellor.

The period of debt review, however, is different for every individual. Firstly, it depends on the amount of outstanding debt. Secondly, it depends on how much you are able to pay towards your debt every month. While some people may be done within 6 months, for example, others may take up to five years. Many people pay up all their debt when they get a lump sum, for instance. And it is always advisable to pay more towards your debt when you are in the position to do so. As a result, this will definitely shorten your period under debt review.

To clarify, your period of debt review is not dependent on how much you earn or how much you pay. But rather on how much money you have available to pay towards your debt. Therefore, it is advisable to get in touch with National Debt Advisors as soon as possible, so that we can work out a debt plan which is affordable to you.

Moreover, it is also important to note that for the duration of the time that you are under debt review, you may not incur any further debt. You will not be blacklisted, however, but rather “flagged” with the credit bureaus. Consequently, this will prohibit you from using your existing cards (whether retail or credit), as well as restricting any access to new debt.

For more information on the advantages and disadvantages of debt review, the period of debt review or to get any other related questions answered, contact NDA today.


How we do it


How we do it

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