Trivia Quiz Competition

Want to win R500 in Cash?? All you have to do is join our National Debt Advisors TRIVIA QUIZ Competition.

Do you have the 411 regarding debt and do you know your consumer rights well enough? We want to put your knowledge to the test and give you a little TRIVIA QUIZ. We are giving away R500 IN CASH TO ONE LUCKY WINNER who can answer every TRIVIA Question we put up every week correctly.

We simply cannot wait!!

What you need to do:

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  2. Answer all three questions posted on Facebook per week.
  3. A new Question will be added every Monday at 12:00
  4. Find the answers on our website.
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Question 1:

When did we publish our Blesser Finder post?

(a) 22 April 2016
(b) 13 July 2016
(c) 29 March 2016

Question 2:

How long does the whole debt counselling process take from start to finish?

(a) 30 Days – 5 years depending on the balances of the consumers accounts
(b) 90 Days – 10 years depending on the balances of the consumers accounts
(c) 60 Days – 5 years depending on the balances of the consumers accounts

Question 3:

How does DEBT REVIEW work?

(ie) List the 7 headings we covered in our blog post about this topic.

Question 4:

Is it possible to avoid repossession??

Tell us how National Debt Advisors can help YOU to prevent your car/assets from being repossessed.

(1) National Debt Advisors can organize a voluntary repossession for you and your credit provider.
(2) National Debt Advisors can negotiate with your credit provider to have your payments reduced and term extended.
(3) National Debt Advisors can assist in paying the deficiency of the vehicle.
(4) National Debt Advisors can assist you in auctioning off your vehicle to make payments.


Terms & Conditions:

  • If you answer all the questions correctly, NDA will like your comment and you will move onto the next round.
  • You have to answer every weeks set of trivia questions.
  • You need to Like our FACEBOOK PAGE.
  • Winner Announced on the 30th September 2016

Ready? Set? Go!!!
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