Father's Day

Top 5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

We’re about to do the impossible and prove to you that Father’s Day can be both special and affordable.  If you made use of our Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day on a Budget, you’ll know that we put our money where our mouth is here at NDA!

The goal is of course to give dad something he likes but that’s not too predictable or been-done-before. It may sound like a tall order finding a gift that’s exceptional and affordable, but we’ve done the hard work for you and sourced some awesome, budget-friendly stuff.

Most dads have hobbies or at least something they’re fanatic about, so this is a great place to start when planning a gift purchase. What does your dad do to relax? Well, whatever it is, you’ll find something he’s sure to do his nut over, with our comprehensive list of the Top 5 Awesome & Affordable Father’s Day Gift Ideas.


1.     A Custom T-shirt

Now, a T-shirt may seem like the vanilla of all gifts. But, when it’s a custom printed T-shirt or jacket designed by you, it has the potential to be seriously cool.

We recommend ordering yours online from the Clothing Co for delivery to your door. Their high quality shirts and jackets come in a great variety of colours, sizes and styles. You can also pick one of their ultra-modern printing options to get the finish you’re after. Best of all, The Clothing Co is a wholesaler, so their prices are super affordable.


2.     A Toolset

If your dad does not already have one, a toolset is an incredibly worthwhile investment for any DIY dad. Even if you dad does have some tools or a toolkit, have a look and see just how organised it is, or if he is missing anything.

If his kit is in a bit of a state or if he’s misplaced some tools, he will appreciate a brand spanking new set all the more. Takealot has some really affordable toolsets on special for Father’s Day in their The Handy Hero section, so I would check these out. You’re bound to find one that’s in your price range.


3.     A Pasta Machine

If your dad is a gourmet guru in the kitchen, a professional chef or simply loves to cook, you may be considering getting him something in the culinary department.

Nothing beats fresh, home-made pasta! As one of the most versatile and popular dishes out there, you can’t go wrong with a Stainless Steel Pasta Machine from Mitchell’s Plain Online Store. This appealing, user-friendly little online store is a true hidden gem, particularly because everything they sell is so darn affordable!


4.     Olympic Cycles Gear

If your dad is the fit, sporty type or a cycling enthusiast, you’ll be sure to find him some top-notch bikes and gear at Olympic Cycles.

Why not get the biking dad in your life a nifty hydration pack. With this waist or backpack strapped on, he can drink water or sports drinks, hands-free. This way, he doesn’t have to break his stride to hydrate! Keep an eye on their Promotions section for some good deals.


5.     ClickMe One-Page Website


Your dad may want a website for any number of reasons, i.e. to advertise his professional services to clients or a digital space where he can display his travel, athletic or artistic feats, instead of keeping an album – which can be damaged or lost.

Digital marketing agency, ClickMe is offering professional looking one-page websites built on the WordPress platform. This means when your dad needs to update his website, he can do it himself, as it will be built on an easy-to-use CMS system. If you would like to find out more about this offer, here is a link to the ClickMe Father’s Day Special.