Our debt free clients say…

J. Marillier

Good Day Janidean, I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you for all your effort and perseverance in this matter. You have been nothing short of professional and really friendly and on top of that offered me sound advice that lead us to the point now where we finally have the matter resolved. You have my personal thanks and that of my partner for all your assistance. I pray that you will be greatly blessed moving forward as the help you given me now enables me to help others more. This experience has been a difficult one made pleasant by your lovely attitude and I can only hope that so many people come to appreciate that. If there was more one could do to say thank you I really would go that extra mile. BIG thank you to NDA for being so accommodating and patient but also for giving me peace of mind knowing my affairs are being attended to..

N Mabope

  “Before I started with debt review i struggled a lot to provide for my family. Buying things was also difficult. After completing the programme, i know better now. My eyes are open” Feeling the pinch of over indebtedness, Mr. Mabope signed up for our debt review programme. Unable to take on more credit, or afford existing debt, him and his family were struggling to make ends meet. With children to support and a home in the Eastern Cape, he needed a way to secure his family’s financial future. “There is also money left [now]. Like now, I have R100 left in my pocket, something that hasn’t happened in a long time.” His family were concerned at first by the debt review process, unsure of what it meant. Luckily he had the entire process explained to him by a NDA debt counselor. He explained it to his family exactly as it had been explained to him which put his family at ease. “So much was changing that every month I got a bank statement and showed it to my wife [so she could see progress]. “ With every issue or concern, Mr. Mabope would visit the National Debt Advisors offices where one of our staff would sit and explain the problem to him, and the solution moving forward. Once completing debt review he felt free and weightless, having not only learnt responsible spending, but also confident that he can create a good future for his children. “Because in the beginning, when you start something, you learn. You continue to learn until the last minute. I learned a lot. This [process] healed the wound that affected me for so long.” “their conduct and actions put my soul at ease. They kept their promises”


N Esterhuysen

  Life before debt counselling, absolute nightmare. I mean you find yourself spiraling into an area you don’t want to [find yourself in] in your life” With a family to support, Nico felt the pressure of his accumulated debts. With a positive experience found at National Debt Advisors, Nico says he would suggest this process to anyone struggling with debt. “Being honest with my wife about the trouble we were in was tough, you have to tell yourself it has gone out of control. It was important to take that step forward, not feeling embarrassed but trying to get my family into a brighter future.” He appreciated the communication and positivity felt when an account is paid off, or when a large sum can be seen pas paid. “It gives you that go forward feeling you need, just to get and [see] that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and not just the train heading towards you” As a sales representative, Nico needed credit facilities to ensures his business and income survives, debt review has allowed him to correct his debt and re-enter the credit market as a responsible user. Not having access to credit when needed was a big wake up call, showing just how important it is to manage debt responsibly. “This is what i loved about National Debt Advisors, they explained to me from the beginning that this is what are able to do and this is what you can’t do. So coming through that process now and looking back [at where I was] it’s absolutely amazing. “


B R Nhlanhla

  Good morning, Riedwaan I want to thank you for making my life better. When I was confused, scared, hopeless and in tears, you went all out to help me. My situation was not an easy one, but you professionally worked it out. Working with people who are experiencing debt challenges is not an easy task but you made it seem easy. I really appreciate everything you have done for me and my children. Today my life is better, I have hope and not in tears anymore. If possible, please forward this message to your big bosses, surely they can’t afford to lose an asset like you. Hyphen has also made it easier, now I can access my statements online. I am able to see how far am I, in terms of payments. All is fine now and am happy and full of appreciation. Keep it up.

N N Ntshakala

  Good day, On the 30th of April 2015, I logged a complaint about National Debt Advisors (NDA) based in Cape town. Pulane and Sihle from NCR helped me a lot to find out for me about what was happening has I was so stressed. After that I’m so happy with the service I am getting from NDA to mention name (Zulfa , Rifqa and Pamella) are doing an excellent job. Now I am updated about what is happening with my debts. If they did like what they are doing now I was not going to look for help with NCR. It even came to my attention that from January 2015 they did everything that was needed on their side, I found out that it was Standard bank that was not updating on their side. Thank you so much for the help I am getting from NDA. I am so happy with the service.

 M Peter

  I was fallen the victim of the arrears, but now I am stress free, thanks a lot NDA for saving my goods.

A Viljoen

  Good Afternoon The service I have received from Sharonne since the first day I applied up until this moment has been phenomenal. When I have any enquiries, I know I can gladly send her a mail and she gets back to me as soon as she can.  She is always friendly and so willing to assist. I work with clients on a daily basis and I know clients can be hard, ugly, disrespectful and just plain nasty but to have an employee like her is the best asset that any company needs. PLEASE do not even think of letting a person as good as her ever leave your company as it would be a great loss to you.  She is truly awesome to deal with and would recommend her service (this leading to NDA to more clients) to anyone that I possibly can. Please do advise and compliment Sharonne on her great service as it is well deserved.  Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to deal with her and with NDA.  I do not regret the decision for one day!!! Once again .. Thank you very much.