Water saving tips


Now more than ever, water saving tips are top priority. With the seemingly endless water shortage in South Africa, and the wider world, this is the time to do what we can to save as much water as possible. Here are some quality water saving tips for you and your household.

  1. Turn off the tap when brushing teeth, only use it to rinse than leave it running while you brush.
  2. By putting a displacement device or bottle of water in the cistern of the toilet you can save loads of water, reducing the volume used with each flush.
  3. Cut down on shower time, huge amounts are used when showering.
  4. When washing dishes or clothes ensure you put in a full load, the machine will use the same amount regardless of how much of a load is in.
  5. Ensure all washers and connections on taps are secure, often small leaks can lead to massive waste.
  6. Use a water system to recycle water from your sinks and showers into your garden, where appropriate.
  7. Use a watering can instead of a hose to reduce water waste, also water early morning or late evening to limit evaporation.
  8. Fill up bottles of drinking water for the fridge, running water to wait for the cold can lead to loads of waste.
  9. Use a water meter and keep track of how much water you are using.
  10. Get a water/rain tank and use rain water instead of tap water.
  11. Use a drip water system in your garden which hugely reduces water waste.
  12. Invest in water efficient goods around the house- shower heads, taps, cleaning liquids.


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