Saving tips for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is a special day for many, celebrating love in all kinds of ways, here are some clever saving tips for valentine’s Day- letting you enjoy the day to the fullest without breaking the bank. A popular day across South Africa, and the world, rejoice in love rather than cringing in debt.

Try these saving tips for Valentine’s Day:

  • Make rather than buy

While it’s always nice to spoil your significant other on this special day, going all out and ruining your credit record is going to catch up with you at some point. Many hold nothing back for Valentine’s Day, dinner and flowers, if not a spa day and night on the town as well. Rather try making a dinner and creating a romantic atmosphere somewhere special, not only giving you some time alone, but also showing the extent of your love and the effort they are worth.


  • Find specials

Often there are special for these types of days, finding the right one can give you a cost-effective night to remember. Whether going as a group of couples or finding a quiet place to enjoy your significant others company, Valentine’s Day specials let you have great fun for a much lower price.


  • Keep it realistic

As much as you want to give your significant other the world, spending your savings on them for one day of romance is a bit short sighted. Be realistic about what you can afford and make it special, focusing more on meaning than opulence. Creating a stunning setting without expensive additions is not only intimate and special, but shows the level of effort you are willing to put into this special person.

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