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Saving tips for Easter


Easter is a great time of year for family. Coming together and mixing enjoyment with tradition, this is usually a time for gifts and copious amounts of chocolates. Spending money on family, ensuring a good day all round, this special time of year doesn’t have to make a dent in your pocket. Here are some great saving tips for Easter.


Saving tips for Easter:

  • Alternative treats– often we get stuck in the details during times like this. Going for branded Easter eggs and store bought chocolate is much easier, but making your own treats or finding cheaper alternatives can save you loads. Buying from factory shops or making your own means you won’t have to cut back this Easter.


  • Buy ahead of time- if you want store bought chocolates and treats, go before the rush of Easter hits, or go for cheaper brand options.


  • Gifts rather than treats– although chocolate is a big part of Easter, it can be quite costly if you have a big family. A great way to save is to give small gifts. Longer lasting and more intimate, cost effective gifts serve the same purpose although won’t be eaten by the end of the day…unless the dog gets hold of it.

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