Saving tips when having a baby


Having children can be a costly experience that lasts longer than any other, with the added stress to your finances this is a better time than any to get your saving in order for when baby comes along. From food alternatives to clothing and care, here are some good old saving tips when having a baby.

Buy the right diapers

Buying washable diapers rather than disposable ones. While they can sometimes be pricier initially, they reduce cost in the long run as you can reuse them rather than have to buy more and more. Fabric diapers are not only softer on a baby’s skin but also can be kept throughout the needed time period. If washables aren’t your thing, look for diapers that are worth their weight in money – by this we mean that some cheap diapers don’t do their job and many expensive ones end up being exactly the same as the cheaper ones.

Breast feed/pump if possible

Not only the natural way, but the affordable one. Breastfeeding, if you can, is the best way to save while raising a baby. What can be quite expensive, but very worth it if you are a busy mom, a breast pump lets you keep your milk at the ready. Baby formula is the common choice today, but it costs and arm and a leg after a while, rather stick to the natural way if you can.

Make your own kids toys

Toys for kids can be very expensive, especially when buying the latest craze, but if you need to save money, making your own kids toys is great. Getting creative, making something fun for your kid to play with, this is a cost effective way of connecting with your children and giving them something truly special.

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