Energy saving tips


With constant worry about the effects of our society on the environment, not to mention the ever rising costs of fossil fuels, now is the time to get your budget in order with these energy saving tips. Whether part of a household or living on your own, energy saving tips will not only reduce your costs, but also your own impact on the world around you.

  1. Turn off lights when out of the room.
  2. Only turn on your geyser for shower time rather than leaving it active.
  3. Using a geyser blanket will also reduce the amount of energy needed to warm water.
  4. Install a renewable energy system for your house, solar panels and solar water heaters minimize long term costs.
  5. Turn off standby appliances to save on casual waste – it builds over time.
  6. Thaw frozen food in the fridge or in hot water rather than the microwave
  7. Use energy efficient light bulbs and connections to reduce as much as possible

There are endless ways to help reduce the amount of energy you use, reducing your costs considerably. Try out the energy saving tips today.

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