5 Ways to Save on School Uniforms

A new school year is about to begin — with all kinds of expenses. If you are looking for ways to save during JanuWorry, you have come to the right place. We know 5 simple things everyone can do to save on school uniforms in 2020.


1. Don’t Buy Everything New

Not every piece of a school uniform has to be replaced every year. Check what needs to be replaced by hosting a fashion show. Let your children model in their uniforms. It’s an easy and fun way to check what doesn’t fit anymore.

Child trying on school uniform


2. Shop at Low-Cost Retailers

Buy the school uniform basics, such as shirts, pants, socks and shoes, at low-cost retailers — especially for young children. They grow so fast (and can play so carelessly) that getting the best quality clothes is not worth the splurge.

basic school uniform clothes


3. Buy Big to Save Big

Buy uniforms 1 or 2 sizes too big, and your child can wear it for longer. Unfortunately, this strategy won’t work for every piece of clothing. However, school dresses, jerseys and blazers are easy to wear bigger; and you can simply stitch skirts and pants to fit.


4. Ask about a Uniform Exchange

Find out if the school has a uniform exchange. This is where parents donate items their children outgrew that are still in good condition. It is an ideal way to buy school-branded items at much lower costs.

School uniform exchange shop


5. Shop Later in the Year

Right now, all over the country, shops are advertising big savings on Back-to-School products. Resist the temptation to buy now and you could save later. Remember, when demand is high, prices are high. When the shops need to sell the old stock, the same school items will be even cheaper.


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