5 Easy School Supplies Saving Tips

Does it feel like your child’s stationery list gets longer and more expensive each year? You are not alone. It DOES cost more — even to buy the basics! Plus school fees increase every year too. How exactly are we supposed to afford it all?

Looking for answers, we turned to our incredible staff and asked moms at National Debt Advisors (NDA) for their best money-saving tips.


1. “I shop in my own home.”

Before buying a brand new set of school supplies, one mom recommends looking at what you already have at home. Your children can probably still use last year’s pens, pencils, sharpeners, rulers, erasers, highlighters, colouring pencils, wax crayons and calculators.

Only buy the things you cannot reuse or find at home, such as hardcover books.


2. “We do school supply swaps.”

When supermarkets gave us mini toys for buying groceries, they encouraged us to swap our extra minis for the ones we didn’t have. This inspired one mom at NDA to do the same with Back to School stationery.

Exchange school supplies you have for other things you need.


3. “I go online to check everyone’s prices first.”

We get it. It’s not fun to shop in crowded supermarkets or walk around a mall in search of school supplies — especially not in summer! However, you can save LOTS by comparing prices online first and buying different items at different stores.


4. “Shop with a friend and buy in bulk.”

If you do have to buy new stationery, this mom suggests you shop with a friend or family member. Most stores give customers discounts on bulk purchases. If you combine your shopping lists and split the bill, imagine how much money you can save.

Shop with friends to get bulk discounts.


5. “We make our kids work for what they want.”

Do your kids like doing chores for pocket money or are they asking for something you can’t afford to buy? Make the most of this. Let THEM work for their school supplies too.

Perhaps you have an elderly neighbour that needs some help or a friend with little children who need a babysitter. These are perfect opportunities for your children to earn some money.


Is debt making it hard to pay for school fees or afford even basic stationery for your children? We can help. Contact us today for a FREE assessment. Our expert debt counsellors can take a look at your finances, help you draw up a new budget and ensure you can afford all of your essential expenses  — while you pay off your debt.

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