Call Centre Jobs in Cape Town

There are fantastic opportunities available for job seekers, call centre jobs in Cape Town not only offer great experience in sales and customer service, but also allows for a level of training that is worth its weight.

Seeking out those with a passion for sales and fantastic earning potential, this is a position that calls to the inner sales person. Focusing on attitude rather than formal experience, this position is open to those without previous work in the field. Dealing with clients from across South Africa, ensuring they are taken care of on a daily basis, our sales representatives are fully trained to best support our business structure.

Working with a dynamic team, this position offers an opportunity for an avid sales person to not only grow, but also earn on a commission based system that can be entirely rewarding to hard workers.

Helping clients in within the debt and finance industry, a call centre agent at the National Debt Advisors is a fantastic position from which you can develop your skills and hone your sales ability. Contact us about our call centre jobs in Cape Town.

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