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17 May 2020

Rek Jou Cheque: Options for parents struggling to pay school feesCape Talk

NDA’s Moeshfieka Botha and Cape Talk’s Lester Kiewit discuss your most frequently asked questions about paying school fees during the lockdown — and how to get a payment exemption.


7 May 2020

Here’s what to do if you can’t make your monthly car repaymentsCape Talk

If you’ve missed a recent payment on your car loan because of the coronavirus — or you think you might miss a payment soon — you are not alone. Do not ignore the problem. Here’s how you can avoid repossession and damage to your credit report.


29 April 2020

Consumer Focus: Savvy Covid-19 spending tipsVoice of the Cape

How can consumers receiving a Covid-19 grant or increase spend it wisely and shop smart during the lockdown? Listen to Moeshfieka Botha’s top tips right here.


April 2020

The effects of the #CoronavirusInSA on society and our financesCape Talk

Cape Talk radio interviews NDA’s Moeshfieka Botha on the effects of COVID-19 on ordinary South Africans and their money.


26 March 2020

Consumer Focus: The dos and don’ts of the lockdownVoice of the Cape

We talk about the dos and don’ts of panic buying, debt relief options available during this time, including payment holidays and credit insurance, and planning for what comes after the lockdown.


19 March 2020

Consumer Focus: Coronavirus panic buyingVoice of the Cape

Listen to Moeshfieka Botha talk about how the coronavirus affects consumers, and why you do not have to or should panic buy for the national lockdown.


27 February 2020

Consumer Focus: What is a credit score?Voice of the Cape

Have you ever been declined for a general loan or vehicle finance and didn’t know why? Have credit providers ever referred to your credit score and you didn’t really pay much attention to it? We discuss blacklisting and why credit scores are actually very important.


6 February

What your partner should know about your credit scoreVoice of the Cape

Is the day I say I do, the day I say your debt is my debt? Moeshfieka Botha joins the Voice of the Cape radio show to discuss how marriage can affect your credit score.


14 January 2020

Consumer Focus: How to choose a debt counsellorVoice of the Cape

Find out when is the best time to consider debt counselling, the benefits of the service and how to check if the debt counsellor you choose is reputable and trustworthy.


9 January 2020

Consumer Focus: How to survive Janu-worryVoice of the Cape

Moeshfieka Botha joins the Breakfast Beat show to discuss the common mistakes people make with annual bonuses, as well as her best saving and budget tips.


27 November 2019

Money MattersRadio 786

As Black Friday approaches, many creditors are upping credit limits and opening accounts for people, but are they doing it responsibly? We talk about reckless lending and imparts a few festive season money tips.


November 2019

Moeshfieka’s spare change challengeCape Talk

Just before Black Friday, we interviewed Moeshfieka Botha, Head of Research and

Consumer Education at National Debt Advisors, about the dangers of debt and the

culture of not saving that plagues most South Africans.


20 November 2019

Money MattersRadio 786

As the festive season approaches and the holiday season beckons, the temptation to splurge on things we don’t really need grows. “If you didn’t need it before black friday, why go out and buy it?” Money Matters with Moeshfieka Botha: Head of Research and Consumer Education at NDA.


6 November 2019

Black Friday PreparationCape Talk

Advice on how to prepare for Black Friday and what consumers should ask themselves before spending money, from radio guest Sebastien Alexanderson.


28 October 2019

Call centre agent-turned-teacher sets up computer lab at Delft South schoolCape Talk

News24 recently ran a story about a former call centre agent-turned-teacher at Delft South Primary School who has helped the school get a fully equipped computer lab after approaching his former employer. Twenty computers have been handed over by National Debt Advisors.


16 September 2019

Debt Relief Bill explainedCape Talk

Sebastien Alexanderson, CEO of National Debt Advisors, joins Cape Talk live in the studio for his

thoughts on why the National Credit Amendment Bill won’t solve the problems of South Africa’s indebted consumers.


13 September 2019

What is the debt relief bill?Voice of the Cape

Many South Africans currently in debt are in support of the Debt Relief Bill. However there are some experts who have cautioned against the bill, which they believe might negatively impact the economy. Sebastien Alexanderson of NDA helps listeners make sense of it all.

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