SASSA dates have changed – again!

by | Jul 31, 2020 | Personal Finance

SASSA makes changes so often, it’s no wonder the South African public remain confused and uninformed!
In case you didn’t know – SASSA dates have changed again! The payment date for August grants have changed – disability grants will now be separated from old age grants and will not be paid on the same day.

Payment dates as follows:

August 3: Older person’s (old age) grants
August 4: Disability grants
And August 5: All other grants

SASSA has put out the following safety tips:

Your money is safe if left in the card

  • For your own safety, avoid large groups of people – wait for quiet times to access cash
  • Do not withdraw all your cash at once – use your cards to purchase goods and draw cash for your immediate needs
  • Your money is safe if you leave it in your card. Use it as you require it, and not all at once.



SASSA’s Facebook page has pointed out 2 posts doing the rounds as fake news.

One is a black poster with the heading AmaR350Wethu, and says: “if you have applied for your R350 grant and you haven’t received your grant yet please SMS your ID number & name to 35875. Network & admin fee apply.Sms costs R3

SASSA’s has responded by saying that this is fake news: “SASSA services are free. All qualifying & approved applicants will be notified by SMS when payments are done. Those who haven’t yet been paid in May, will receive payment soon. Unqualifying applications will be given reasons. #SASSACARES”

The other headline reads: “ SRD R350 will be paid to beneficiaries until 2021”
SASSA’s response: “ Please note that (the below) is fake news. The special COVID-19 temporary SRD grant, will only be paid for 6 months until October 2020 #SASSACARES”

People are vulnerable. People are desperate –and willing to believe anything that can make their situation better. Yet, the people putting out this fake news do not have our best interests at heart. Most likely they want you to make contact, and then give them your personal details like your ID number and bank accounts details. Please be vigilant and don’t divulge your personal information to anyone. Now is not the time to be conned by criminals


SASSA has on many occasions urged social grant beneficiaries to stop giving their SASSA cards to loan sharks in exchange for money. Sadly, as Covid-19 has hit hard and many are at their most desperate, many elderly and other grant recipients have fallen victim to these skelme, unregistered money lenders.

These loan sharks exploit people when they are at their most vulnerable and often charge crazy interest rates. It is common knowledge that many grant recipients never even see their cards – as they simply borrow from one month to the next , and leave the cards with the loan shark as collateral. These loan sharks often demand the pin numbers to the recipients cards, as well as their identity documents. Without identity documents, recipients cannot access any other relief offered by government in these tough times. In May this year, police arrested 2 suspected loans sharks in possession of 200 SASSA cards, withdrawing money at an ATM in Gauteng. Yet we know that this happens all over the country.
In South Africa, it is illegal for loan sharks to take possession of grant cards in exchange for loans.

SASSA urges anyone who has knowledge of fraudulent activities with SASSA grants and cards to report it 0800 60 10 11.

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