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by | Jan 14, 2021 | Personal Finance

I think we can all agree that 2020 proved for most people to be a year of change, a year of considerable challenges and a year of reflection. For most of us we just wanted 2020 to be over so we could wipe the dirt off our faces and start afresh.

A lot of people we are speaking to are all dealing with the same thing. We are trying to find the money, time and courage to start over.

Unfortunately for South Africans, the fiscal stimulus we were promised at the beginning of the first lockdown has not been forthcoming. There simply isn’t any money and sadly, far too many people are still waiting for their UIF payments, with little hope in sight. The queues are getting longer, the price of petrol and food is rising and load shedding has returned to haunt us. 2021 has not got off to a good start for consumers.

The banks have granted as many payment holidays as they possibly could. As payment terms return to normal, it is now clear that consumers cannot cope with their required payments. Debt collectors are also now out in full force – causing great anxiety and distress for over-indebted consumers.

With the banks tightening up their lending criteria it has become increasingly hard to access loans (from a reputable institution) to kickstart the year and try and purchase the essentials our children require as they return to school. This is forcing more and more people into the unregulated loan shark market – further adding to their financial woes.

We need to get out of denial about our financial situation. We need to work on becoming financially free instead of getting deeper into the debt trap. Debt counselling, as regulated by the NCR is a viable solution if you are over-indebted and missing payments. Besides protecting your assets from repossession, a debt counsellor will also lower your monthly installments, giving you more money left to live on. And let’s face it, that is what most of us need right now.

If you are considering the option of debt review, then you are undoubtedly at the right place. National Debt Advisors was voted the number one debt counselling company in South Africa. And as head of the NDA family, I am extremely proud of what we have achieved in the tumultuous year of 2020:

  • Our HR department recruited 210 new employees.
  • Our sales division helped more than 5 000 clients that were struggling with their debt.
  • NDA’s legal department got more that 1 800 Court and NCT orders combined.
  • Our customer service department actioned over 75 000 calls.
  • Our terminations team helped countless consumers save their vehicles and homes from repossession.
  • The annual reviews team at NDA assisted over 700 clients in making payment arrangements with their creditors due to loss of income and retrenchment .
  • Our debt counselling department restructured the accounts of over 3 300 clients.
  • Our payments department made over 6000 payment arrangements with our consumers who lost a portion of their income.
  • NDA’s insurance team assisted more than 65 consumers with successful retrenchment and funeral claims.
  • Our accounts departments and HR department for resolved all UIF, TERS and general payroll queries and payments.
  • Our marketing department kept consumers updated with daily content on social media, educating South Africa on all things related to finance.
  • And our IT and dialer support team mobilized all our remote staff within days and constantly kept on top of each and every query.


My team and I at National Debt Advisors are more than ready to help you on your way to financial freedom.

Keep well and be safe.

Sebastien Alexanderson
CEO: National Debt Advisors

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