Gym Membership Prices in South Africa: Making Informed Choices

by | Oct 16, 2023 | Personal Finance

Are you feeling the squeeze of rising expenses and a tighter budget that can hardly fit almost anything, let alone gym membership prices? The cost of groceries is steadily climbing, petrol hikes are making us stay home more often than lockdown restrictions ever did, and gym membership prices are definitely becoming less budget-friendly. In these challenging times, it’s not uncommon for our fitness routines and overall health to take a hit as we scramble to balance the books.

In this blog, we’ll explore gym membership prices in South Africa, compare Virgin Active gym fees and Planet Fitness gym fees, and clarify what your rights are when it comes to gym membership cancellations in South Africa. Finally, we’ll also discuss how South Africans are navigating this added expense during tough economic times.

Gym Membership Prices In SA: What Is The Average?

Since the covid 19 pandemic, health and fitness have taken centre stage in our lives. As more people prioritise their well-being, regular exercise and weight loss have become popular lifestyle choices. However, the economic challenges in South Africa have forced many of us to become more conscious of our spending.

At the same time, South Africans are having to tighten their belts as a gloomy economy hits household finance. In this section, we compare gym membership prices across the country to bring you the most cost-effective options to help you stay healthy without breaking the bank.

How Much Is Planet Fitness Per Month?

Planet Fitness offers a variety of gym membership prices tailored to individual preferences. The breakdown of their gym membership prices is as follows:

First and foremost, there’s a joining fee, which can range from R100 to R300, depending on your preferred gym membership tier and location.

If you’re looking for a simple gym experience, then, starting at an affordable R199, Just Gym memberships are the way to go. Planet Fitness membership prices for this option vary depending on location with options ranging from R399 to R899. If you want access to Planet Fitness gyms across the country, their National Access option with a joining fee of R600 and a monthly rate of R999 is your best bet. Finally, those who desire extra perks and services can check out their Premium Platinum Membership, featuring a joining fee of R900 and a monthly fee of R1199.

How Much Is Virgin Active Per Month?

Virgin Active gym membership prices vary and cater to a diverse range of groups. For adults aged 25 and above, there’s the option of unlimited access to all clubs at R999 per month. If you prefer access to a select group of clubs, the cost is R975 monthly.

Youth between the ages of 14-25 can opt for the Youth membership at R1345, which provides unrestricted access to all clubs. Alternatively, there’s the Youth Premier membership with different rates based on age: R380 per month for ages 14-17, R680 for those between 18-21, and R810 for members aged 22-25.

Children aged 13 and below have the option to get a Club membership for entry to one Virgin Active club. You can also decide between full access or off-peak-only access, with amenities and gym membership prices depending on the particular club and how long you’d like to be a member.

Gym Membership Prices: Your Options By Club

Virgin Active offers two club types: Health Clubs and Collection Clubs. Health Clubs are the standard offering, while Collection Clubs come with additional amenities and services.

Here’s an overview of the membership options available:

  • Virgin Active Off-Peak Health Club: Monthly fees are between R240 to R750.
  • Virgin Active Health Club membership: Monthly rates vary from R270 to R995.
  • Virgin Active Health Club Premier Select: Costs range from R640 to R780 per month.
  • Virgin Active Premier membership: Monthly fees span from R890 to R1,095.
  • The Classic Collection membership comes at a cost of R1,500 to R2,350 per month.

These flexible membership choices ensure that there’s an option for everyone, depending on your preferences and budget. Should you at any point feel the need to cancel, a Virgin Active cancellation is also pretty straightforward and can be done telephonically via the Virgin Active contact centre.

How To Cancel A Gym Membership Contract

How To Cancel A Gym Membership Contract

As a consumer, understanding your rights is pivotal when navigating the intricacies of gym membership contracts. The Consumer Protection Act (CPA) is your safeguard should you experience a change of heart in the initial stages of your gym membership.

Section 14 of the CPA is a lifeline that empowers you to terminate a fixed-term contract. This can be achieved by providing a written notice with a 20-business-day lead time. It’s essential to note that this cancellation is penalty-free. However, any outstanding dues to the gym until the cancellation date remain your responsibility. This might involve a reasonable cancellation penalty covering goods supplied, services rendered, or discounts granted during the agreement’s intended fixed term, such as kit bags or trainer discounts.

The determination of the reasonableness of the cancellation penalty rests with the gym supplier, for instance, Virgin Active cancellation fees and Planet Fitness cancellation fees will differ because this fee is solely determined by the company. If you find the penalty excessive, it’s advisable to engage with the supplier to seek a resolution.

Gym Membership Prices And Client Disputes

Gym Membership Prices And Customised Payment Plans

When thinking about getting a gym membership, it’s crucial to think about what you can comfortably afford. We encourage you to pick payment plans that match your financial situation. An open-ended membership may come with a higher monthly fee but provides the flexibility of no fixed-term commitment. On the other hand, a 12- or 24-month contract may offer cost savings but could be less forgiving when it comes to early termination.

To ensure a smooth cancellation process, it’s vital to make your request in writing and submit it to the appropriate recipient while adhering to the specific cancellation terms outlined in your agreement.

Gym Membership Prices And Client Disputes

If you’re unhappy with your gym’s service or gym membership prices and want to avoid dealing with the Consumer Protection Act (CPA), you’ll need to turn to your gym contract and its terms for direction. However, it’s important to understand that this path could result in lengthy legal disputes, and it might eventually end up in a small claims court. Rather the following options are better suited to handle gym membership disputes:

Resolution Approach: It is strongly encouraged that consumers make an earnest effort to resolve any disputes directly with the gym. For example, with Virgin Active, you can reach out to the Virgin Active customer care line directly to address the dispute. In cases where concerns are not adequately addressed, consider escalating the matter to senior management.

Lodge a Formal Complaint: If the escalation process does not yield a satisfactory outcome, consider lodging a formal complaint with the consumer affairs division in your province. Keeping meticulous written records of interactions with the gym and demonstrating persistence is crucial, as resolutions may take longer than initially expected.

South Africans Are Cutting Out Gym as They Try Make Ends Meet

South Africans Are Cutting Out Gym as They Try Make Ends Meet

High gym membership prices have come under fire as South Africans across the board are now faced with the pressing need to trim their expenses as the cost of living in the county continues to skyrocket. The latest survey conducted by InfoQuest, shows a growing trend of people looking for financial relief by assessing and cutting down their spending on gym memberships, DSTV subscriptions, and insurance policies.

This survey, done in May 2023 and based on interviews with 300 participants chosen to represent the national demographic, sheds light on the growing challenges faced by South Africans. Many are striving to protect their shrinking disposable incomes, leading them to make sacrifices, such as cancelling their agreements with different service providers.

Of all the categories examined, gym memberships seem to be taking the hardest hit. Nearly one in four respondents disclosed that they had opted to cancel their memberships due to high gym membership prices. What’s striking is that this decision is not confined to any specific income bracket. It cuts across all income levels, highlighting the undeniable impact of rising living costs on the wallets of South Africans.

Finding Relief in Troubled Times: How National Debt Advisors Can Help

In the face of these financial challenges, it’s essential for individuals to take proactive steps to manage their financial well-being. National Debt Advisors, a trusted ally in these trying times, stands ready to provide expert guidance and assistance to those grappling with financial challenges. Remember, you’re not alone, and help is just a call away, National Debt Advisors can help you regain control of your financial well-being. If you find yourself wrestling with the dilemma of managing gym membership prices during a rough financial patch, don’t hesitate to reach out to National Debt Advisors.

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