Demystifying debt review (part two)

by | Jun 14, 2021 | Personal Finance

So many people are affected by overwhelming debt, yet they don’t want to consider the option of debt review, because of all the negative stories that they have heard about it. Yet, there are thousands of good stories to be told as well. However, the guilt and shame that the South African society has attached to a bad financial situation, holds us back from finding solutions to our money problems.

National Debt Advisors has signed thousands of clearance certificates of South African consumers, who can now face the world with a clear credit record and the knowledge and experience to make better financial decisions going forward.

Here is what some of our clients have to say:

N. Mabope

“Before I started with debt review, I struggled a lot to provide for my family. Buying things was also difficult. After completing the programme, I know better now. My eyes are open. There is also money left [now]. Like now, I have R100 left in my pocket, something that hasn’t happened in a long time. Their conduct and actions put my soul at ease. They kept their promises.”

N. Esterhuysen

“Life before debt counselling? Absolute nightmare. You find yourself spiralling into an area you don’t want to [be in] in life. It was important to take that step forward, not feeling embarrassed, but trying to get my family into a brighter future. So coming through [the debt review] process now and looking back [at where I was], it’s absolutely amazing.”

M. Boesman

“National Debt Advisors are very reasonable and very professional. It’s an organisation that you can trust with your money. Ever since I joined National Debt Advisors, I was able to afford some of the things I could not afford before. Life is amazing now. I am able to afford my child’s school fees, buy myself clothes, [start] investing [and] even buy my sister groceries.”

Debt review may not be the solution to everyone’s debt problems, and not everyone qualifies for it – but it certainly has helped many consumers regain their financial freedom, and does not deserve the bad rap it gets.

Your financial health is as important as your physical and mental health. Would you put those in the hands of a shady doctor or mental health practitioner who has no footprint or credibility in their industry?

The why do it with your finances? Every industry will have bad practitioners – but that does not mean that you stop using the services of the entire industry.

Debt review is not a shady, fly-by-night industry. It is regulated by the National Credit Regulator or South Africs (NCR) and is implemented through the National Credit Act.

National Debt Advisors has been voted the number one debt counselling company in the country, and you can be at at no better organization if you are struggling with your debt and need a debt solution.

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