Closing your Edgars account

by | Jun 28, 2021 | Personal Finance

Closing an Edgars account is a consumer nightmare!

Getting things done at government departments of Labour,  Home Affairs, and Social Development must one of the most frustrating, soul-destroying, physically  and emotionally exhausting experiences ever. One would expect that dealing with a creditor in the private sector would be much better.

However, for  many South Africans – closing their Edgars accounts (with no monies owing) have proved to be nothing short of an absolute nightmare!

In November 2020, RCS Group, which acquired the majority of the Edcon store card book (Edgars and Jet accounts)  completed the migration of about 2.3 million account holders from the Edcon system to its own.

Consumers did not have it easy with Edgars,  even before RCS took over – and optimistically thought that they would be in for an easier time after their account transition to RCS. Sadly, things do not seem to have become much better – but RCS says all of this is about to change. They now have a customer service model in stores where customers can log a closure request.

“Since migration of the accounts onto the RCS system, account closures have been one of our key focus points. It is our priority to identify the root causes of problems and implement changes to the systems in an agile way to simplify the process and ensure a seamless customer experience,” says Marinè van Brakel, chief operating officer of RCS.

She says based on customer queries and complaints, RCS acknowledges it had been a frustrating process and therefore implemented these changes at the beginning of 2021:

  • A customer servicing model with an automated workflow into the RCS contact centre was implemented in Edgars stores to enable customers to log a closure request in store. This process triggers an automated email when a customer requests a closure. The email explains the process, especially if there is still a balance to be settled and account holders have to cancel value added services, Edgars Club or other third party charges, such as insurance.
  • RCS ring fenced a dedicated team in the call centre to manage volumes and process requests specifically related to closures.
  • RCS agreed with third party providers that billing of any of their services will be suspended after a customer requests an account closure.
  • The other channels remain, such as contacting the contact centre by email or phone.
  • RCS meets regularly with third party providers of insurance, cellular and Edgars Club to ensure they are aligned on process improvements to ensure a seamless customer experience.
  • RCS also ensures that credit bureau information is continuously updated to ensure customers’ credit records are up to date.


Standard account closure process

Consumers who want to cancel their Edgars accounts must follow this process:

  • First cancel any value-added services such as Edgars Club, insurance and airtime products included in your Edgars account.
  • You can only close your account when the balance is zero.
  • If you have a balance on your account, request a proper settlement quote by phoning the call centre on 0860 111 826 and use the self-service function. You can also do this in store at customer services.
  • Pay the outstanding amount on the settlement quote via EFT or in store within five days of receiving the quote.
  • Send your closure request to edgarsclosure@rcsgroup.co.za or visit customer services at any Edgars store that can assist you with the closure process.


Dealing directly with creditors

Dealing directly with your creditors can be very challenging at times. Very often call centre agents are just not equipped to address your particular problem and you can easily run out of airtime just being on hold.

If you have no outstanding balances with your creditors and wish to close your accounts – we suggest that you put all you correspond with them via email, so that there is a trail of communication, should any disputes arise.

If however, you have retail accounts and other forms of unsecured debt, and you are looking for a debt relief option – then the process of debt review might be a fit for you. For more information on debt counselling, please fill out our contact form and will contact your shortly.

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