Be vigilant when spending money

by | Mar 3, 2020 | Personal Finance

Just like you have plans for your money, so do criminals. That is why you have to be vigilant and on your guard at all times when withdrawing or spending money. Keep you and your cash safe by following these top tips.


Safe money spending tips


  • Avoid darkly lit ATM’s.
    Rather draw cash at till points in store. It’s safer and costs less.


Avoid ATMs and draw money at store till points


  • Follow your card when making a payment.
    Never allow your card to be taken away from you when making payment, especially when eating out. If the establishment does not have a portable point of sale device, take your card to where payment must be made and keep your eyes on it at all times.


Follow your card when making payments


  • Avoid shopping malls on busy days.
    If you feel overwhelmed or intimidated by crowds or suspicious-looking people in large crowds, rather be safe than sorry and abandon the shopping for another day.


Avoid crowded shopping stores on pay day


  • Be smart when shopping online.
    Make sure that you are dealing with reputable online retailers when making payment. Check out out a company’s online retail refund and exchange policy before paying, and whether their online payment system is secure before giving them your card details.


If overwhelming debt and debit orders make it difficult for you to spend money, contact National Debt Advisors (NDA). You may be over-indebted. Let our expert consultants do a FREE debt assessment to check. We could help you reduce your monthly debt instalments by up to 50%, making it possible for you to comfortably afford household essentials again.

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