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Before you rush into any decisions you may live to regret, you should first take the time to sit down and ask yourself some important questions.

Why take out quick loans?

Do you really need to? Take some time to think it over and weigh up the pros and cons. Consider whether or not taking quick loans out will be an investment for you. Will it provide you with returns in the future, or will it just cost you a lot of money on interest?

Can you afford quick loans?

Your total loan repayments should not exceed 35% of your take-home pay. Otherwise, you will be left struggling to cover even the most basic of living costs for months on end.  You won’t even be able to treat your family or yourself on the odd occasion.

It’s all very well using quick loans to pay for stuff you cannot afford now, but have you thought about the next month and the month thereafter, when you’ll have to repay the quick loans?

How much will the quick loans cost?

How much will quick loans end up costing you at the end of the repayment term? What are the interest rates and how much are the instalments? Can you afford to make the maximum payments every month?

Or will you end up barely making the minimum payments? Because this will affect how much you spend overall. The only way to be certain is by doing the calculations and feeling your jaw drop as you snap back to reality.

Whether your debts are giving you sleepless nights or you feel you have them reasonably under control, quick loans require taking the time to think things over carefully. They should never be a snap decision.

It’s far better to save for unexpected expenses, than to take out quick loans. But, in order to save, you first need to eliminate debt from your life. NDA can help you with this! To find out more, send us your contact details and we’ll give you a call.

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