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Being able to take out loans and apply for loans online is just another example of how the internet has transformed our modern world – in good ways and in bad. Naturally, droves of entrepreneurs and loan sharks soon cottoned on to the lucrative potential of offering loans online.

You can apply for loans online from your laptop, tablet, smartphone etc., get approved and have the money deposited into your bank account quickly and conveniently. But, maybe loans online are just too quick and convenient. Perhaps, it’s simply too easy to take out multiple loans online.

At this rate, you are going to start struggling to pay off all of your debts at some point or another. The ease with which we can take out loans online enables us to live beyond our means. But later on, we all end up paying for it.

Many South Africans have taken out loans online and had a taste of the ‘future of lending’, only to experience financial problems later down the line.

Shady lenders claim that loans online can improve your credit score. Whereas they in fact damage your credit score and can culminate in over-indebtedness, poverty, garnishee orders etc. Some lenders won’t even agree to lower your payments, if you run into unexpected money troubles and ask them to.

Lenders that market loans online are never at a loss when it comes to attracting interested clients. It’s concerning to note that they don’t suffer profit losses, if borrowers fall into arrears. This may be what encourages them to slacken their lending criteria.

Don’t make the mistake of taking out loans online, if you need instant debt relief. If you feel trapped by debt, NDA can help you break free. Contact us now to find out how we can protect you from lenders and help you become completely debt free.

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