How Does Debt Review Work?

Ever asked someone or yourself the question: how does debt review work? Below is a list of steps to clarify just how it works.


Step 1

First things first! Send National Debt Advisors (NDA) your phone number by filling out the simple contact form on our website. Next, one our expert debt advisors will call you back for free to answer your question, how does debt review work?


Step 2

Your personal debt advisor will ask you to send through copies of your ID, pay slips, bank statements etc. just to make sure you are you. You can send these via email or fax.

We don’t need the original documents and you don’t need to come into our offices for a consultation. Our application process is streamlined to be ultra-efficient for consumers.


Step 3

Then, your debt advisor will look over your credit report and register you with the National Credit Regulator (NCR). And, set up an account for you on our company’s own NDA system.


Step 4

Next, your debt advisor will notify your credit providers of your application and ask that your account balances be sent through, so we may capture this info on our system.


Step 5

Your debt advisor will prepare a cheaper repayment proposal, taking your current finances and outstanding balances into account. To be sent to your credit providers for approval.


Step 6

Once we get an acceptance letter from your credit providers, one of our specialist attorneys will apply for a court date. Finally, they will appear in the Magistrates Court on your behalf and request that your repayment proposal be declared a court order.

Voilà! You are officially under debt counselling! Does that answer your question, how does debt review work?

If you still find yourself posing the question, how does debt review work? Why not get in touch? And a National Debt Advisor will call you back to explain exactly how it works in detail!

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