Who to contact for debt review?

When looking to go under debt review there are many ways to go about it- the first step is to contact a debt review agency like the National Debt Advisors. They must be aligned with, as a member of, the National Credit Regulators. Who to contact for debt review? Try National Debt Advisors.

When contacting the NDA, you will be set up with a debt counsellor, this is the person who will be fighting for you over the course of this process. The point of contact, the counsellor will talk to creditors and argue your case, ensuring you get the best possible repayment place. They will also guide you through the process until such a time as you can call yourself debt free.

The steps to debt review      

  • Find a debt counsellor
  • Supply them with all your details – payslip, ID and all monthly debt that you must pay
  • The counsellor will work out over-indebtedness
  • NDA will calculate how much you need for basic expenses and how much you can afford to pay towards debt each month.
  • At this point, once your situation is known, you can officially apply for debt review
  • From here the counsellor will contact your creditors as well as the credit bureaus and inform them of your debt review status
  • The counsellor will then propose new repayment rates and amounts, which if accepted will become your new monthly debt amounts

Placing you under protection, debt review means you cannot be granted more credit, however also means that creditors cannot take legal action against you regarding your debt. This is the best way to get your finances on track, getting your credit back to zero before letting you take out anymore.

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