Debt Review Advice

The best debt review advice will come from the best debt counsellors in the industry – and that is what we are.

National Debt Advisors was voted the best debt counselling company in South Africa in 2020. We have highly qualified debt counsellors and support staff, who are equipped with knowledge of the National Credit Act, to give you the best advice if you are struggling with your finances and want to become debt-free.


NDA debt review advice

  • Be fully committed to getting rid of your debt
  • Have all your documents readily available when you make contact with NDA
  • Supply NDA with your correct contact details and keep us updated if they change
  • Don’t be alarmed when you can no longer access credit whilst you are under debt review. This is for the best.
  • Never skip a payment under debt review
  • If your financial circumstances change in any way, inform NDA immediately
  • Trust that NDA are specialists in debt review, and will always have your best interests at heart


Why choose NDA debt review?

With our many years of experience and superb service in the debt counselling industry, we will ensure that:

  • You pay up to 50% less on your unsecured debt installments
  • Your creditors are informed that you are under debt review with us and do not harass you, or refer you to debt collectors to who will hound you
  • Your debt is consolidated and that you only pay one lower monthly installment
  • You have peace of mind, as your assets are safe from repossession
  • You have more money available left to live on


NDA debt review advice is the best you can find in the industry. This is shown to be true by the number of happy clients we have, all who have successfully completed the debt review programme, received debt clearance certificates and started their financial lives with a clean slate.

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