Debt Counselling Consultants

Deciding to submit your details and get a call back from one of National Debt Advisors expert Debt Counselling Consultants may seem like a very small first step, but it’s actually the biggest step you can take towards achieving complete financial freedom.

There are currently millions of South Africans stuck in the ‘debt trap’ and every day more and more people are struggling to provide for their families and service their debts on a monthly basis. So they take out more loans to pay off their existing debts, creating a vicious cycle that only leads to them ending up buried in debts with no way out, and creditors harassing them and threatening to take legal action.


We are on Your Side 

At NDA, we couldn’t be more against this approach because our aim is to chip away at your debts, with a view to helping you become completely debt free in the shortest amount of time possible. We are here to negotiate with your credit providers to have your monthly instalments reduced. So you don’t have to take the risk of taking out more credit that will only escalate your problems.

If you are struggling to afford your living expenses, as well as your monthly instalments, we want you to know that NDA is on your side and our caring, empathetic Debt Counselling Consultants are ready and willing to find you a solution that will address your particular financial concerns.


Maintain a Normal Standard of Living 

We understand how life can change in an instant and leave your world in pieces –  a loved one passes away, you lose your job, your spouse files for a divorce or your child gets desperately ill – and suddenly you find yourself slipping behind on your payments, despite how responsible and hard-working you are.

Our aim is to help you cover any unplanned-for expenses, keep up with your monthly instalments and still have enough money to maintain a normal standard of living. Our supportive, knowledgeable Debt Counselling Consultants will provide you with protection from blacklisting and from credit providers taking legal action against you.

Wherever you are in South Africa, National Debt Advisors are here to help you.  So contact us today and let’s discuss how we can turn your situation around.

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