Debt Counselling Benefits

Debt Counselling benefits are available to consumers as a means of protecting them from financial injustices they may experience due to an unforeseen change in their circumstances. So, if you are in the dark about the many debt counselling benefits, now is the time to get clued up and cash in with the help of NDA!

At National Debt Advisors, we will ensure that you reap all of the debt counselling benefits due to you as a consumer, as required by the National Credit Act. In this way, we will make sure that you are able to afford all of your essential living expenses, while at the same time keeping up with your instalments.


NDA will: 

    • Combine all of your unsecured debts into a single monthly payment, based on your circumstances.
    • Organise for the interest and charges you owe on your accounts to be reduced.
    • Put a stop to all stressful demand letters and telephone calls from creditors.
    • Put you back in control of your finances, so you know where your money is going each month.
    • Arrange for your monthly instalments to be reduced to an affordable amount.
    • Help you regain financial freedom so that you actually own the money you earn.
    • Protect your house and car, so they don’t get repossessed.
    • Enable you to only pay one affordable instalment for all your accounts each month.
    • Ensure that your monthly instalments are distributed to your creditors on your behalf.
    • Give you access to NCR registered financial experts, who can help you make informed financial decisions.
    • Help you become completely debt free, without negatively affecting your credit record.
    • Issue you with a credit clearance certificate once you have fulfilled all of your debt obligations so that you will no longer be blacklisted at the credit bureaus, as they will remove all negative information from your credit record.
    • Ensure that you are able to cover any emergency expenses and maintain a normal standard of living.

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