Debt Counselling Advisor

You’ll have full access to an experienced, qualified Debt Counselling Advisor, when you make the smart decision to regain control of your finances through NDA.


Looking Out for Your Best Interests 

At NDA, your Debt Counselling Advisor is here to look out for your best interests and not to makes sales on financial products. NDA does not offer debt consolidation loans that might put you further into debt but, instead, offers you workable solutions that will help you get out of financial difficulty.

We will discuss your current financial situation with you and give you affordable options that are tailored to your monthly financial needs.  We are well aware of how the unpredictability of life can wreak havoc with your financial well-being. We’re here to make sure that you reach a point of glowing financial health, so you’ll simply shrug off those little mishaps when and as they come, like water off of a duck’s back.


Reaching a Practical Resolution 

We will negotiate for a new restructured payment plan with your creditors and handle all of the admin involved, to ensure that a practical resolution is reached as soon as possible. Once the wheels are in motion, you will feel the difference in your cash flow and in your stress levels.  There really is nothing more therapeutic than being proactive about a bad situation and getting the proper attention you deserve from a true professional.

Feel free to contact a Debt Counselling Advisor at NDA today by quickly filling in and submitting our online contact form to provide us with some of your basic details, and then WE will CALL YOU back to discuss your present situation and viable solutions, as well as provide you with some stellar advice. Financial and emotional relief are quite literally at your fingertips.

NDA will show you the route to complete financial freedom.

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