Debt Solution for Single Mom

Women are generally in survival mode – and therefore they budget. They do so because they have to juggle their money to feed their families and ensure that all necessities are provided for.

Stats have revealed that 70% of females in South Africa run out of money before month –end. Research according to Eighty20’s Credit Bureau show that single mothers are the worst hit. The data shows the 8.8-million single mothers who are really being hit the hardest – and are also the most likely to turn to unsecured credit for personal loans, payday loans and credit card debt. With 60% of households being fatherless, all financial responsibilities fall onto the mother.

Being a mother is hard enough. Being a single mother is harder – and being a single mother through all the financial upheaval that Covid-19 has brought takes immense strength and fortitude.

Debt solutions for single moms

There are debt solutions for single moms, and every other sector of the South African society, but sadly financial literacy and education is not what it should be.

Many single mothers do not know that they can:

  • Get the services of a debt counsellor and be placed under debt review and pay up to 50% lower on their monthly installments
  • Subsequently not have to deal with harassment by creditors
  • Have their assets safe from repossession once they are under debt review


So whether you are a single mother or not – if you are struggling to make ends meet, get in touch with a debt counsellor today. Since National Debt Advisors has been voted the number one debt counselling company in the country – you need look no further.

We know that time is something many single mothers don’t have – and we have therefore streamlined our services to make things as easy as possible.

  • You don’t have to take time off from work
  • You don’t have to come into our offices
  • The entire process can be done online and over the telephone


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