Top 5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas


We’re about to do the impossible and prove to you that Father’s Day can be both special and affordable. If you made use of our Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day on a Budget, you’ll know that we put our money where our mouth is here at NDA!

The goal is, of course, to give dad something he likes, but that’s not too predictable or been done before. It may sound like a tall order finding a gift that’s exceptional and affordable, but we’ve done the hard work for you and sourced some awesome, budget-friendly stuff.

Most dads have hobbies, or at least something they’re fanatic about, so this is a great place to start when planning a gift purchase. What does your dad do to relax? Well, whatever it is, you’ll find something he’s sure to do his nut over, with our comprehensive list of the Top 5 Awesome & Affordable Father’s Day Gift Ideas.

1. A Custom T-shirt

Now, a T-shirt may seem like the vanilla of all gifts. But, when it’s a custom printed T-shirt or jacket designed by you, it has the potential to be seriously cool.

For the least hassle, we recommend you order yours online. Professionals will do all the hard work and deliver the final product directly to dad’s door. Alternatively, just print your design on special iron-on transfer sheets (for less than R200) and iron it on yourself.

2. A Toolset

If your dad does not already have one, a toolset is an incredibly worthwhile investment for any DIY dad. Even if you dad does have some tools or a toolkit, have a look and see just how organised it is, or if he is missing anything.

If his kit is in a bit of a state, take a few minutes to put it back in order. If he’s misplaced some tools, he will appreciate a brand spanking new set all the more.

3. A Collection of Craft Beer

If your dad is a gourmet guru, beer connoisseur or simply loves to try new things, consider getting him something cool in the culinary or beverage department.

Why not sign him up to Yuppiechef’s League of Beers Monthly Club that will deliver a collection of the latest craft beers and old-time favourites right to his door. The subscription also gives dad access to a FREE online course worth R195 to guide him through the beer tasting.

4. Your Free Time

If your dad is the fit, sporty type who wakes up early on weekends for a morning hike or cycles around town in the evening, spoil him by joining him! This gift is free, fun and gives you lots of time to bond – especially if you do not live at home anymore or usually cannot spend a lot of time with him.

5. An Experience

We all have things we want to experience before we die, and dads are no different. Why not make the day one to remember by helping your dad tick something off his bucket list?

To make your search super easy, Buy A Gift Experience has lists of cool ideas for all kinds of special occasions, including unforgettable Father’s Day experiences like scad freefalls and bungee jumps that the thrill-seeking dad is guaranteed to love.

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