Christmas gifts for teenagers


Teenagers are always easy to get gifts for, usually wanting popular and trendy style gifts or something technology based. Christmas is a good time to get them something useful, seeing as they are on holiday around this time, a gift to keep them busy is always the best and most used. Board games are always a great idea, clothes are also quite popular for teenagers, anything that can serve a purpose. Whether large or small, let us help you find an awesome selection of gifts for teenagers that they are sure to love. Girl or boy, short or tall, these are some awesome gifts just for them.


Gifts for teenage boys

We all knows teenage boys love to be spoiled on Christmas Day (and pretty much every other day of the year), even if they say they don’t. So we have put together a list of gift ideas for teenage boys.

VR Virtual Reality Headset

At the top of our list and we are sure every teenage boy will agree with us is getting a VIRTUAL Reality Headset. The Zeiss VR ONE PLUS – Virtual reality headset is a one-of-a-kind device allowing you to take your first steps in the world of virtual reality. Its lightweight design and 100% portability make it the perfect companion for video games and augmented reality.

Pocket DJ Mixer

If he is all about music and being the next DJ Black Coffee, then you should thing about getting him a pocket DJ mixer to lay down a professional sounding beat anywhere he goes. So skip the club this Christmas and turn your iPod into a portable party-making machine with a sound mixer. It is versatile and easy to use; it doesn’t need a power source – just plug it into the headphone jack of an mp3 player, laptop, or phone and instantly amp up your beats.

Bust out the pocket DJ skills at any party and you’ll be sure to be invited back again for a gig.

Basketball Laundry Shoot

Boys can never resist shooting hoops and if you are having trouble getting them to put their clothes in the laundry basket, this is the perfect gift. They won’t be able to resist keeping their room neat with this ingenious laundry shoot basket. You can also personalize your child’s name on the backboard.

Mini Portable Speaker

If he is all about music, then a mini portable speaker is great for school, the beach, work, and travel. It runs on a rechargeable lithium battery and is compatible with cell phones, laptops, PC, or any other device that plays music. And the best part is that it can be engraved with anyone’s initials.

Mackey Mackey Go

Futuristic boys will love this Go Go Gadget! Turning everyday objects into digital gadgets with portable kid-friendly circuit board invention kits. Mackey Mackey Go is a portable device designed to bring technology wherever you travel. This gadget features everything you’ll need to make contraptions: USB Invention Stick, a magnetic case and a white alligator clip to hook up new designs. Just plug, click and play to turn objects into touch-pads.

Go Go Gadget just got better.


Gifts for teenage girls

Teenage girls are one of the hardest group of people to shop for. If you feel like you are being set up to fail, consider this your cheat sheet. We have rounded up this year’s cult-favourite beauty products, hottest tech gadgets and under-the-radar accessories that will earn you the title of Best Gift-Giver Ever.

Netflix – Binge Assistant

Sundays are all about Netflix bingeing so why not get her a cardboard smartphone projector which will upgrade her laptop-on-pillow setup to an at-home movie theater. It’s compatible with ios and Android phones and projects up to eight times your smartphone’s screen.

Trim Jewellery Tray

Once Christmas has passed, you won’t have a lot of trouble getting her out of bed in the morning. You will be glad you got her a chic trim jewellery tray in the glitziest colours which will get her excited about getting ready in the morning and picking out accessories. This is also a great way to get her to stash her stuff she loses constantly like Student Card, and keys.)

Beauty Blender – Makeup bag must-have!

You might not know what a Beauty Blender is but she will know. A BeautyBlender sponge has a cult following because it allows you to master practically any makeup tutorials on YouTube. It is perfect stocking stuffer check and any beauty queen will love it. You can never have too many.

Phone case = Hotline Bling

Get an Acrylic phone case infused with gold leaf flakes for girls whose selfies always sparkle. Or if she isn’t about sparkles get her any trendy phone case to make sure her selfie game is always on fleek.  It also has a raised edge to keep her phone extra safe.

Battery Aid

Everyone hates seeing their phone battery dying, especially the young ones. Get her a portable battery pack which is one of those baseball bat gifts that benefits you and your teens. Anyone can throw this to-go charger in their bad and stay powered all day.

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