Black Friday in South Africa VS USA


Adopted from the American Black Friday, which takes place after Thanksgiving, the day sees retailers slashing prices. It marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season and it is called “black” because it traditionally marks the point at which most retailers begin operating at a profit after covering expenses for the rest of the year – you know, being “in the black”.

Black Friday in the USA:

Many people have a day off or choose to take a day from their quota of annual leave on Black Friday. It is more popular for shopping for Christmas presents.

Black Friday has grown into a massive global shopping event that leads to chaos in stores across the US, Canada and the UK, with shoppers even camping outside retailers to get their hands on the bargains. Well South Africans don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but an increasing number of shops have jumped on the Black Friday sales and are offering some huge savings!

Black Friday, Opened or Closed?

Black Friday is not a federal holiday, but in some states it is a public holiday. Many people however take a day of their annual leave on the day after Thanksgiving Day. Many organizations also close for the Thanksgiving weekend.

Black Friday in South Africa:

Here in South Africa, Black Friday was first introduced by Checkers but this each year, more than a dozen retailers get inspired and started participating, as everyone loves a good bargain.

This year, it falls on 24 November 2017, and many stores have started to promote their Black Friday deals. From Amazon to Zando to Spree, some sites and stores have launched portals for their countdown to Black Friday offering discounts on products such as food, DVDs, clothes, appliances and electronics.

It looks like South Africa and the rest of the world have joined in the mayhem that is Black Friday.

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