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Your creditors can’t take legal action for 2 months


If your creditors are trying to take legal action against you, entering debt counselling with NDA will protect you and your valuable assets. This is because your creditors are not allowed to take legal action against you or attempt to repossess your possessions, while you are under debt review with us.


You won’t be taken to court or lose your home or car


You will be protected from legal action for 2 months, once you are on board with NDA! During these 60 days, NDA will draw up a new, more affordable repayment plan for you and negotiate with your creditors to have your instalments, interest rates and other fees reduced.


Your creditors cannot contact or harass you for payment


You can rest assured that you won’t be dragged to court or lose your home or car when you enter debt counselling with NDA. Not only are your creditors prohibited from commencing with legal proceedings against you, while you are under debt review with us, but they are also barred from

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