Christmas gifts for men


Always an interesting choice, gifts for men range far and wide, catering to each discerning taste. Whether the rough and tough kind of guy, or someone a bit more in touch with their creative side, there are endless options that are perfectly suited to the men in your life. Perfect for the coming Christmas time, enjoying the festive season with your loved ones, gifts for men can be personalised or suited to fit the special man in your life. Whether something small like a braai kit, or something a bit pricier like a stylish suit, gifts for men come in all shapes and sizes. As men tend to be more physical beings, we always suggest something that can be used practically, that way you know your gift will always be used and appreciated.


Gifts for dads

Buying gifts for dad can sometimes be tricky, but I find that it helps to realize that all men (no matter how old they are) love to indulge their inner child. A cool gadget or quirky t-shirt can always be a great option, not taking the holiday too seriously, but still giving them something they can use often. In the search for the perfect gifts for dad, whether on a budget or with cash to spend, we have found a few awesome ideas to set this Christmas apart.

  • VR Headset – something technological for the fathers, these amazing contraptions allow you to visit a virtual world. Whether using it for chat, movies or even games, these headsets are highly sought after and definitely worth their affordable price range.
  • Apple Watch – a fantastic, albeit quite pricey, gift for any active father the Apple watch lets you track your fitness levels while fulfilling a host of other functions. Hi-tech and perfect as a useful gift, this is definitely one of the gifts for dad that will be more popular.
  • IPA brewing kit – perfect for the dad that loves beer, a brewing kit is trendy and fun, letting dad do things his own way- just the way he likes it. On par with the craft-beer craze we are currently in, this is one way to make your father smile this Christmas.
  • T-shirt Terrorist – a proudly South African brand that sells some of the best satirical t-shirts around, these are perfect gifts for dad. Ranging from funny to political, and some edging on offensive, the wide range of styles and colours allows you to find the perfect item for your Christmas gift.

With so much to choose from, having named only a few, gifts for dad are here in abundance. Make sure to spoil dad this Christmas with these awesome gift ideas.


Gifts for boyfriends or husbands

Getting a gift for your significant other can sometimes be tough. Will they like it? Will they use it? Well now you don’t have to worry. We have sought out some awesome ideas for gifts for boyfriend or husband, whether on a budget or having a bit of money to spend, these are sure to impress. Guys will always enjoy something that can be used, and often they will use it far too much, but the more useful it is the more they will love it. Finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones at Christmas can be hard, but just take a look at what we have found.

  • Playstation 4 – ranging in price, and less expensive than a comparable computer, a Playstation 4 can make anyone’s day – as long as they are under 40. A multi-functional gift, this is perfect for the avid gamer or media lover. With endless games on offer and online capabilities, this is an item most guys will love to receive.
  • Camera drone – For any technology lover, a drone is the ultimate modern gift for any man. Mounted with an HD camera, this is the movie makers wish, making any man feel like an extreme sports star. Your significant other will never forget the day you gave them this insane gift, not to mention it will get them out the house.
  • Deluxe shaving kit – A gift that all men need, whether growing out the lumber jack beard or keeping it neatly shaved, a deluxe shaving kit is great every time. Something for them to feel pampered…in a manly way…this is something that will definitely be appreciated. Perfect for the working man who needs to look good and take care of their appearance, there are few gifts more useful than this.
  • Poker set – A favourite past-time for many men, a proper poker set is something every guy has wished for at some point or another. A great idea for gifts for boyfriend or husband, this can be used time and time again, often resulting in a weekly poker night with “the boys”.

Take some time to find the perfect gift for your hubby. Whether small and thoughtful, or large and obvious, if it comes from you it will mean all the world to them.


Gifts for him

When looking for ideas for gifts for him, that special man in your life, there are many things that could make for a perfect Christmas gift. With so much on offer, we have attempted to find the greatest gifts for him so that you can show your love this festive season. From outdoor equipment to technology gifts, traditional man-style products or something completely unique, these awesome gift ideas ensure that you can get your man everything he deserves.

  • Whiskey decanter & glass set – a manly gift to say the least, a whiskey decanter & glass set is classic and sophisticated gift that all men are sure to love- and if he’s not a whiskey drinker he will still love showing off this stylish set when friends are over. A stylish gifts for him option, this is something special that will stand out from the usual gift array.
  • Automatic beverage chiller – a fantastic item for a hot summer’s day, the automatic beverage chiller is a compact device that keeps your drinks cold. Perfect for a braai or when out for a cricket game, these fun, clever little machines are a man’s best friend. Gifts for him that he can use again and again, this is a brilliant present idea.
  • Multi-tool belt buckle – perfect for the man on the go, this nifty belt buckle is ideal for mechanics or cyclists. With a range of tools fitting neatly into the buckle, this gift is great when you are caught in a jam. Great for the hands-on man who likes to get his hands dirty, this awesome gift lets you be prepared in any situation.
  • Rapidfire Chimney Starter – An item that any South African can appreciate, the chimney starter is a cylinder that cooks your coals so you can pour the perfect amount on your Weber or braai. Great for the family time, bringing some efficiency to your Christmas braai, this makes cooking your food quick and easy.

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