Easter on a Budget


Saving money and staying within a budget is already hard, now throw in the holiday season – it gets even tougher. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy spending time with friends and family.

Here are a few tips to avoid overspending and enjoy Easter on a budget.

Budget in advance
Start by creating a yearly budget planner, which will help you plan for social events like birthdays, Easter, Christmas and other holidays. You can also start a savings challenge or use our Easter savings tips to help you save money.

Share the responsibilities and costs
Easter holidays are meant to be about getting together with friends and family, but make no mistake it can be costly for the person who is hosting the weekend. Share the responsibilities between the people who are coming to visit you. You can either decide that each family bring a dish, something to drink and a dessert, or you can ask each family to contribute a specific amount towards the total cost of the weekend.

Plan fun activities
Instead of spending a lot of money, try planning fun activities for the family, especially the children. It is a great time to be outside with the family, and unfortunately it is peak season (in South Africa), which means it is expensive to go away for a weekend. It is not always necessary to travel far for fun, especially if you didn’t budget for it.

Easter Gifts
Think back to when you were little, you probably received hard-boiled coloured eggs, jelly beans and a chocolate bunny and that was enough for you. Don’t feel compelled to buy expensive gifts for your children this year. Instead, have a simple Easter on a budget this year. Perhaps you can create your own Easter baskets – after all, DIY is always trendy.

Happy Easter everyone!

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