When Disaster Strikes

NDA Debt Review has already lifted the heavy burden of debt from the shoulders of thousands of South Africans. With NDA Debt Review, you can rest assured that you’ll be receiving legitimate services of the highest standard. We are registered with the NCR and adhere to the NCA.


We understand that disaster can strike at any instant. Along with it, heavy financial pressures. Such as the death of a loved one and having to hold a funeral, losing your job and suddenly having no income, or being served with divorce papers and having to hire a lawyer. You could fall very ill or get into a car accident and need surgery or hospitalisation, leading to expensive medical ills.


The Financial Repercussions


Suddenly, through no fault of your own, you can’t afford to pay your monthly instalments anymore.


This could result in negative listings on your credit record. Never mind the stress of being harassed by creditors, threatening to take you to court and have a judgment granted against you. In which case, you could stand to lose your home and car, or have a garnishee order attached to your salary.


Under the Protection of NDA Debt Review

How NDA Debt Review works is we will get your credit providers to agree to an adjusted repayment plan that makes your monthly payments more manageable and affordable.


Entering NDA Debt Review means you don’t have to worry about being blacklisted, default judgments, garnishee orders, losing your assets or any of the other devastating repercussions of over-indebtedness. We’ll make sure you and your valued possessions are fully protected.


Lifting the Debt Burden


Your credit providers won’t be able to take you to court for 60 days after we inform them that you are officially under NDA Debt Review.


Don’t let debt continue to weigh you down in life. Submit your details for a free call back from one of our professional consultants today.


We’ll take the burden of debt off your shoulders quicker than you can say, ‘DEBT FREE!’

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