Debt Review Guidance


Debt Review Guidance


Debt Repayment Challenges.

Here at National Debt Advisors (NDA), we offer debt review guidance to consumers who are facing debt repayment challenges and cannot afford to pay back their creditors each month. Just fill in the basic online application form on our website and one of our trusted, professional advisors will phone you back to discuss your situation with you.

Your advisor will then visit the National Credit Regulator’s (NCR) website and capture your details to show you have sought out debt review guidance. The NCR’s system will subsequently email the credit bureaus to notify them that you are receiving debt counselling and flag your credit profile to show your debt review status.


Repayment Plan.

As follows, if you apply for any more loans or credit, the creditors will know that you are getting debt review guidance, as you are struggling to pay off your debts. Since you cannot afford your current credit repayments, creditors will not grant you anymore credit – this is a good thing!

Besides, you will not need any more credit, as your advisor will arrange a repayment plan for your existing payments. Your advisor will also ensure that you have sufficient funds to afford your monthly necessities, so you won’t need to borrow any more to cover these.

While you receive debt review guidance, your advisor will update your profile on the NCR’s website accordingly to show your progress. Once you have repaid all of your debts, your advisor will amend the listing under your name on the NCR’s website.


Clearance Certificate.

As a result, the credit bureaus will receive an email update that you are no longer obtaining debt review guidance – and you debt counselling status will disappear.

You may be worried about creditors rejecting your future credit applications because you have gone through debt counselling. According to the National Credit Act (NCA), you cannot be penalised for getting debt review guidance, as this would be against your consumer rights.

Lastly, your advisor will provide you with a document namely, a clearance certificate, showing that you are no longer receiving debt review guidance and that your debts have been settled. Contact National Debt Advisors today to settle your debts and become debt free, with the help of professional debt review guidance.

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