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Debt Review Clearance Certificate


Your debt counsellor must issue you with a debt review clearance certificate (Form 19) once you have fully satisfied or settled all of the debt obligations under your debt rearrangement order. This is according to the National Credit Act (NCA).

Basically, a debt review clearance certificate will be issued once you have paid off all of your debt. Your debt counsellor will also notify your credit providers and the credit bureaus that you are no longer under debt review.

Thereafter, the credit bureaus will remove the ‘under debt review’ flag from your credit profile and your credit applications will no longer be rejected on this basis. The debt review process usually takes up to 60 months to complete.

Home loans are not included in the debt rearrangement order. So, you do not have to settle these secured debts in full in order to receive a debt review clearance certificate.

Your debt counsellor must issue the certificate within seven days of you having satisfied all of the obligations under the debt rearrangement order. You will need to demonstrate that there are no arrears on the rearrangement, and that you have settled all obligations in full.

However, if you can demonstrate that you now have the financial ability to satisfy future obligations, you can ask to be issued with a certificate, before settling all of your unsecured debts.

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