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What Are My Consumer Rights When Under Debt Review?


At National Debt Advisors (NDA) we understand the importance of consumer rights. So to give you an all-round understanding of what your consumer rights are according to the National Credit Act, we’ve compiled a list of your consumer rights under debt review, coupled with your responsibilities.

Your rights and responsibilities under debt review

1) Consumers have a right to apply for debt counselling1) Consumers have a responsibility to ensure full and correct financial disclosure at time of application
2) Consumers have a right to request for, and be provided with, reasons if the application for debt counselling is rejected2) Consumers have a responsibility to make monthly repayments as agreed with the debt counsellor
3) Consumers have a right to a written disclosure of fees applicable prior to applying for debt counselling3) Consumers have the responsibility to follow up on monthly payments made to the PDAs
4) Consumers have a right to a full disclosure of the debt counselling process prior to applying for debt counselling4) Consumers have a responsibility to ensure that they understand the process, applicable fees and implications
5) Consumers have a right to receive distribution statements from their debt counsellors and PDAs on a monthly basis5) Make payments regularly to the debt counsellor
6) Right to be legally protected6) Notify the debt counsellor of any changes in circumstances financially
7) Right to pay an affordable reduced instalment 
8) Right to be issued with a clearance certificate once all short term debt has been paid up 
9) Right to be updated with all changes happening during the process 
10) Right to statements of payments being distributed 

If you need any additional information on your rights and responsibilities while under debt counselling, feel free to fill out our contact form. We will gladly walk you through any uncertainties that you might have.

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