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If you’re planning for the year ahead, a good place to start is to check your credit rating at the credit bureau. In South Africa credit rating checks can be stressful for some, as this is when you realize how good or bad you have been with the credit granted to you.

Many people turn to applying for capitec loan, absa vehicle finance or a fnb temporary loan to help them make their desired purchases. Once you understand how your credit score works, and how exactly to improve it, your next step is to see which category you fall into as a credit user.


When last did you check your credit rating?

A credit report is comprised of a few key elements:

  • Your credit score
  • Your personal information
  • Your property information
  • Any judgments or court orders against you
  • All enquiries that have been made on your profile

All these elements are brought together to give you an overall credit report. Your credit score is valued based on how well you pay your accounts, including your payment history and any outstanding amounts.


How can I check my credit rating?

The answer is pretty simple. Every South African citizen is entitled to one free credit check every year from one of the many registered credit bureaus. If you wish to check more than once in a year, it will cost you between R20-R40. When you apply for a credit check at a credit provider you give that provider, be it a bank or store, permission to view your credit report. They take this information to gauge the risk associated with lending to you – this also impacts the interest rates you will receive on a loan. Higher scores will usually afford you better arrangements.


Where can I check my credit rating?

In South Africa there are many registered credit bureaus to check your score when you need it. Here are a few of our suggestions:

Bureau House, 1 Marie Street

Praegville, Randburg

Telephone: 010 590 9505

Wanderers Office Park,

52 Corlett Drive, Illovo, 2196

P O Box 4522, Johannesburg

Telephone: 0861 482 482 / 0861 128 364


Cape Town

Tel: (021) 659-7600

Stellenbosch Office

Telephone: +27 (21) 888 6000

National Number: 0861 51 41 31

ACS House, 1st Floor

370 Rivonia Boulevard

Rivonia, Gauteng

Telephone: 0861 876 000

215 Peter Mokaba Road

Morningside, Durban

Telephone: +27 31 268 3111

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