5 Powerful Reasons for Funeral or Life Insurance


The prevalent misconception that taking out funeral or life insurance on your spouse is a tasteless thing to do has somehow persisted within modern society. Far too many South African couples neglect to cover one another in this way, leaving their families vulnerable to financial risk.

The reason why so many people avoid taking out funeral or life insurance on their partner seems to be that of a fear of appearing as if they are planning their loved one’s death.

Funeral or life insurance should not be treated as a personal matter, but rather as a practical, sensible step to take, given the unpredictability of life. As such, funeral or life insurance should be factored in as a necessary part of prudent financial planning.

When making decisions regarding the financial security of your family, emotions, the ego and walking on egg shells should be left out of the equation. Instead, promote transparency and open conversation when it comes to all things financial, in order to spare one another the stress of uncertainty.

If you aren’t yet convinced of how essential it is to your family’s future to insure one another, here are 5 powerful reasons for funeral or life insurance to help you make up your mind.


1.  Financial Strain

If your family survives on two incomes, losing a breadwinner can be quite a shock to the financial system. Running a household takes a team and, if one salary suddenly drops out, financial strain will undoubtedly ensue.

Don’t leave your family without the finances to cover their living costs, never mind the high price of holding a funeral. The responsible thing to do is for both you and your spouse to get insured immediately. So, if one of you sadly checks out first, the other won’t be left to contend with financial strain on top of crushing grief.


2.  Family Stability

When part of a couple, you and your spouse are likely to share the financial responsibilities that allow you to maintain a stable family environment.

You pay for the school fees, while your spouse buys the groceries and such like. Without funeral or life insurance, the financial impact of either one of your deaths could considerably destabilise the family.

This will in turn unsettle all other aspects of family life. It is a huge adjustment suddenly having to adopt the role of single-parent and care for bereaved children, who may begin to act out and challenge the widowed spouse’s authority.

At least ensure the financial side of things is covered for your loved ones, so they don’t feel overwhelmed and can focus on giving this transition the attention it deserves.


3.  Planning Ahead

The brevity of life is bitter-sweet, being mortal makes every passing moment a precious resource. But facing your own or your loved one’s mortality can be rather bleak indeed.

It doesn’t mean you don’t love your spouse to plan ahead for what happens after goodbye. On the contrary, planning ahead to ensure your family is looked after even after one of you has gone is the ultimate act of love. Acknowledging how short life is makes us savour our time together all the more.

You know you, nor your partner, will live on forever– so why not soften the blow for you loved ones by having their backs financially.


4.  Bad Debt

With the cost of living creeping ever higher, one spouse’s income could prove the difference between a carefree, debt-free family and a despondent, deeply indebted family. It may be true that not all debt is bad, but living off debt is a slippery slope.

You or your spouse could lose the family home or car at this rate. You don’t want you or your loved ones to suffer this way – and funeral or life insurance will guarantee this doesn’t happen.


5.  Better Safe than Sorry

It is your responsibility to ensure your family is taken care of after you pass. Taking out funeral or life insurance will protect your loved ones from the harsh reality of losing a breadwinner.

The financial decisions you make now will determine your family’s future. At this moment, it is well within your power to prevent financial agony. Funeral or life insurance should be non-negotiable to any strong, loving family or partnership.

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