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National Debt Counselling

NDA is a national debt counselling company in South Africa

NDA is a national debt counselling company which helps South Africans through the credible, government-approved debt relief option of debt review.

What does NDA offer its clients:

  • Expert advice.
  • Comprehensive, professional help with your debts
  • Payment strategy and budget guidance.
  • Support throughout the debt review process.
  • Protection from creditor harassment.
  • Safeguarding of your assets from repossession.


The benefits of national debt counselling with NDA

Your financial load will be lightened and your levels of emotional distress will decrease

  • You will have more money available for your everyday living expenses.
  • Your mindset around money will change as you become more informed and educated.
  • You will only have one consolidated monthly debt repayment
  • Your home, vehicle and assets cannot be repossessed
  • You will eventually become completely debt free, if you follow the strategy and make the right payments on time every month.


At National Debt Advisors we have your best interests at heart. Every day, we interact with people who are overwhelmed by debt, and it’s consequences. We do not ever stand in judgement of how you got to this space, we are only interested in helping you get out of it.

Millions of South Africans find themselves suffering the same financial distress. There is certainly no need to feel guilt and shame over a bad financial situation.

For more information on debt counselling, please contact us now. There is no need to come into the office. Everything can be done via the telephone and/ or email.


What we offer


what we offer

debt-counselling-icon Help even if you are blacklisted.
debt-counselling-icon Protection for your assets and credit profile.
debt-counselling-icon Help for you to become debt-free, risk-free.
debt-counselling-icon Lower monthly instalments by up to 50%.
debt-counselling-icon We do NOT offer loans.