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Mzansi Debt Counselling

NDA is a debt counselling company that helps the people of Mzansi with their debts. NDA can get your bank to let you pay cheaper payments for your debts. This means your monthly instalments and interest rates won’t cost as much. You will just pay off your debt over a longer term.


What you get with Mzansi Debt Counselling at NDA

  • Protection from your bank harassing you for money.
  • Protection from your bank taking you to court.
  • Payment strategy and budget guidance.


The Pros of Mzansi Debt Counselling at NDA

  • You will be able to afford your living costs and essential family expenses, such as food, water, electricity etc. and your debt payments every month.
  • You will feel relief from debt stress and financial pressures that made you anxious and depressed.
  • You will eventually become completely debt free, if you follow the strategy and make the right payments on time every month.


At NDA, we have your best interests at heart. Every day, we speak to people who are suffering with the crippling consequences of debt. That’s why we know and understand how bad it can get. Many people hide their debts from their family. They feel suicidal, lonely and guilty because they are lying to their loved ones.

With Mzansi debt counselling, NDA will help you pay off your debts, so you don’t have to feel like this anymore. You are not alone and you have nothing to be ashamed of.

Talk to one of our friendly, professional consultants at NDA about Mzansi debt counselling on the phone. This is an online and phone service, so you can get it anywhere in Mzansi. Just submit your phone number on our website for a free phone call. NDA are here to help you!