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Your debt counsellor will work out a renegotiated financial plan with your credit providers to reduce your repayments and interest rates.


This new plan will allow you to cover the costs of your daily needs, as well as your monthly debt repayments.


Debt counselling protects your credit profile, your hard-earned possessions like your house and car, and also prevents credit providers from taking legal action against you.


“Before I started with debt review I struggled a lot to provide for my family. Buying things was also difficult. After completing the programme, I know better now. My eyes are open.”

N. Mabope

“What I loved about National Debt Advisors is how they explained what I was able to do and what I can’t do. So coming through that process now and looking back at where I was is absolutely amazing.”

N. Esterhuysen

“When I was confused, scared, hopeless and in tears, you went all out to help me. My situation was not an easy one, but you worked it out.”

B. R. Nhlanhla

“I was fallen the victim of the arrears, but now I am stress free, thanks a lot NDA for saving my goods.”

M. Peter


What is Debt Review?

Debt Review was implemented by the National Credit Act (NCA) as a legal debt relief process. How it works is your Debt Counsellor proposes a reorganised debt repayment plan to your Credit Providers, allowing you to make just one lower payment towards all your debts each month. This plan is then declared a legally binding Court Order.

Thereafter, you will pay one affordable payment directly to a Payment Distribution Agency (PDA) once monthly. This payment will cover all of your unsecured debts and the PDA will divide it up between all of your credit providers.

You will make these monthly payments for up to five years, or until all of your debts are settled. Once your debts are paid off, your debt counsellor will issue you with a clearance certificate. The credit bureaus and your credit providers will also be advised that you have completed the Debt Review process.

Accordingly, your credit profile will no longer show that you are under Debt Review and you will be able to apply for credit once again.

Will my credit providers harass me, while I'm under Debt Review?

Your credit providers will be notified that you have entered Debt Review with NDA within 2 – 5 days. Naturally, we aim to do this ASAP because as soon as we do, the law prevents them from contacting you.

We will deal with your credit providers for you from that point on.

Be warned that not all credit providers operate by the book, so if they do keep harassing you, just let NDA know and we’ll make sure it does not happen again.

However, if your credit providers have already started legal proceedings against you with regard to a certain unpaid debt, we cannot prevent them from contacting you. Nor can we include this debt in your restructured repayment plan or have your payments reduced.

As such, you won’t be protected from legal action with regard to this specific debt. This is why it’s so important to get a hold of NDA, before your credit providers commence with legal proceedings.

How long will I be under Debt Review?

To understand how long it takes to get out of debt review, you have to know how the debt review process works and how a debt counsellor helps you.

Debt review is a rehabilitation program to help South Africans who are over-indebted. Being over-indebted means you do not have enough money to pay all your debts every month. Under debt review, a debt counsellor finds out how much money you owe and how much money you can spend on debt every month. Then, they make you a new, affordable repayment plan.

In the new plan, they tell your credit providers that you need to pay less every month. This also means you need more time to settle the debt. If they agree, we consolidate your debts and you only pay one amount every month.

Please note: Everyone has a different amount of money they owe. Everyone has different credit providers. Everyone has a different amount they can spend on debt every month. So, everyone’s debt review plan is different and takes a different amount of time to finish.

What are the costs involved in Debt Review?

The purpose of Debt Review is to provide you with debt relief, and as such, Debt Counselling fees are built into your affordable, reorganised debt repayment plan, taking your living costs and personal circumstances into account.

Debt Counselling fees are also monitored by the National Credit Regulator to ensure that Debt Counsellor’s don’t take advantage of you, by charging you exorbitant fees.

Your NDA Consultant will explain these fees to you upfront before you enter Debt Review, so you can rest assured that you’ll stay informed and be able to afford these with ease.

Debt Counselling fees include an application fee, a restructuring fee, a small monthly fee, and a legal fee for the consent order.

Can credit providers blacklist me while I'm under Debt Review?

No, while you are under Debt Counselling, the credit bureaus cannot blacklist you by law. Then again, if you were blacklisted before you applied for Debt Review, these negative listings will remain on your credit record. Just another reason to apply for Debt Review ASAP.

However, there is really no such thing as being ‘blacklisted’. Your credit record merely lists your payment history. So, missing a payment is a negative listing, which brings down your credit score.

Whereas, paying on time is a positive listing and will bring up your credit score. So, you see, you can’t really be blacklisted. You can just have a credit profile that shows you to be an unreliable debt re-payer. Of course, this will discourage credit providers from granting credit to you, as it means you are a high-risk borrower.

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