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Have you ever thought about how ironic it is that we work so hard to earn more money, only to spend it all repaying loans?

We are all enslaved by loans that trap us into a lifetime of debt.  In this way, the lending industry keeps us all poor for the rest of our lives.

It begins as soon as you join the working world and need to open up a bank account. Then the loan offers start rolling in – quick loanseasy loanspayday loanspersonal loans and the list goes on.

It is at this point that you become an economic slave. Banks, micro-lenders and other credit providers advertise their products continually.

They brainwash you into believing that you need to take out loans onlineshort term loansand loans for bad credit. You need this credit so you can buy materialistic possessions that will make you ‘happy’ and ‘matter’ in life.

So you apply for vehicle finance but the banks reject your applications because you don’t have a credit record. They advise you to go and open up a retail account, so they can track your payment habits and see if you can be trusted to do as you are told.

So you open up an account, on top of all of your other loans and credit debt, build up your credit score and then take out car finance. Suddenly most of your salary belongs to these companies.

They are in the business of making money and there is no line they won’t cross when preying on the desperate and vulnerable. They make you feel like you cannot live without more and more loans, so you can buy more and more unnecessary things.

If you’re thinking about taking out a loan, first consider:

There are currently 19 million consumers with impaired credit records – the highest number in South Africa ever. Being credit impaired means you have fallen into arrears for 3 months or longer on at least one loan.
Over 11 million consumers are over-indebted. Which means their monthly loan or debt repayments and living costs combined exceed the income they earn monthly.
+/-10,000 homes are repossessed a year to recover loan debts and some borrowers were even jailed. This rate of eviction can only be compared to the inhumane Group Areas Act removals of Apartheid.
The average household debt-to-disposable income ratio exceeds 78%. Which means that, on average, almost 80% of the monthly take-home pay that households earn goes towards loan debts.
At 15.5% (below a 6th of our GDP) South Africa has one of the worst savings rates in the world.
86% of SA consumers took out a loan in 2014, making us the biggest borrowers in the world.
Still interested in applying for a loan?

You cannot deny how dangerous taking out even one loan is, in the face of these compelling statistics.

Taking out just one loan comes with the risk of having to take out another loan to cover the repayments later on. This is exactly how predatory lenders ensnare borrowers in an inescapable debt trap. Out of greed, reckless lenders prey on uneducated, desperate and vulnerable consumers, who don’t know any better.

What are we actually working for??

Are we working to look after ourselves and our families, and to meet our basic needs? Or are we just working to pay off loan debts?

Don’t let these vultures help themselves to your hard-earned money every month. One reckless loan today can result in poverty and over-indebtedness another. Rather contact NDA now, if you need financial help. We can help you become debt free instead – a much smarter, better plan.


Need help getting rid of your debt?

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