Leave the legal to us

Leave the legal to us

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Do not be scared of threatening legal letters when you are under debt review. Leave the legal matters to us. If you are under debt review with NDA and you receive any legal correspondence regarding your debt – alert us immediately. Your assets should be legally protected under debt review, but some things may fall through the cracks. Miscommunication between your debt counsellor and your creditors, a disconnect in systems used, delays in messaging and many more can arise. But – we can see to all of it. Allow us to do, what you are paying us for. Don’t delay. According to the National Credit Act (NCA), every consumer under debt review has the right to be legally protected.


Before you apply, you have the right to:

  1. know exactly how much the debt review fees will cost you
  2. know exactly how the debt counselling process works
  3. know the reason why your application was rejected, if it is rejected


Once you have applied, you are legally protected for at least 60 business days. During this time, your debt counsellor will also send all of your creditors a payment proposal which details how much you can afford to pay – and if all parties are in agreement, your DC will apply to have your new repayment plan made an order of court


You have the legal right to:

  1. pay an affordable reduced instalment
  2. receive distribution statements from your debt counsellor and payment distribution agency (PDA) on a monthly basis
  3. be updated with all changes happening during the process


Your application also legally prevents credit providers from:

  1. taking legal action against you
  2. repossessing your assets – e.g. taking your house and car
  3. garnisheeing your salary


After 60 business days, you will stay legally protected for as long as you keep making your monthly debt repayment. If you do not stick to your repayment plan, credit providers can terminate the debt review to start legal action against you. Beware of creditors who could try to mislead you into giving up your car or house. If you are under debt review and a collector tries to repossess your assets, contact your debt counsellor immediately. Do not give them what they ask for. Do not sign anything. Repossession is only legal when a sheriff of the court gives you a warrant of delivery.

As soon as all of your outstanding short term debt has been paid, you have the legal right to receive a clearance certificate from your debt counsellor within 7 business days. The debt review flag must then be removed from your credit report. Once you have started making payments towards your creditors under debt review – it makes no sense to leave the process until all your debt has been paid. Stay committed. Make your payments on time and let us deal with any legal matters which may arise. If you are a NDA client receiving legal communication, demands or threats for your debt – let us know about it immediately. Don’t delay. Time is of the essence.

Relax. Don’t panic. We’ve got you.

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