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Debt Review Johannesburg

NDA is the debt review firm for you! We will restructure your debts to make your monthly repayments more affordable and we’ll ensure you only have to make one instalment per month that will be distributed to all of your creditors on your behalf.

Imagine how much easier your life could be with debt review!

Simply complete our quick online application form, whether you are in Johannesburg or elsewhere in the country, and an advisor will call you back to assist you with the remainder of the easy steps.


No Legal Action for 60 Days 

Once you are officially under debt review, we will notify all of your creditors and they will not be allowed to take legal action against you for 60 days.

This is a grace period, where creditors are not allowed to hassle you, allowing you to take a deep breath, de-stress and kick back in your home. Meanwhile, we will negotiate with your creditors for lower monthly instalments and interest rates that you can easily afford, on top of your basic living expenses.

The beauty of this process is that you can live in Johannesburg or anywhere else, as our online and over-the-phone application process allows us to service the entire nation! This is a good thing, as we have our sights set on helping the whole nation become debt free through this phenomenal process.


No travelling. No consultations. No hassles!

One of our exceptional advisors will explain the process to you thoroughly over the phone, while you relax at home in Johannesburg. No travelling. No consultations. No hassles! All we need from you is the relevant information regarding your debts, expenses and income – which we will, of course, treat as strictly confidential.

We find that trust is essential for the process to truly work its magic. So put your trust in NDA – an outstanding firm with an impeccable reputation for service excellence and enjoy the debt free life!