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Credit Life Insurance

The best debt solution with the best cover

At NDA, we take into consideration that you may experience short-term setbacks, such as retrenchment or temporary disability, which could leave you without money for a few months. This results in financial hardship and puts you behind on your debt.

Your family members are taken care of

We as people understand that life is short and can be cut short at any time.  But, often when a loved one passes away, it leaves the family in financial distress. Or if someone suffers from a permanent disability, they are unable to work or earn an income to take care of monthly expenses and debt.


Death, Disability and Retrenchment Cover

Offering cover for Death, Disability and Retrenchment, we formulate a personal portfolio for each of our clients. We combine the best debt solution with the best cover, ensuring that, if anything happens, your debt and family members are taken care of so they can rest easy.

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