Why use a debt counsellor?

Many people ask the question: “Why use a debt counsellor?”, we are here to tell you why. A debt counsellor takes charge of your accounts and profile while you under debt review. What this allows for is a professional, trained and dedicated individual acting as your middle-man between you and creditor.

Whether debt advice or full debt review, using a well-educated NDA counsellor allows you to rest easy knowing you have someone fighting for your best interests. Catering to clients around South Africa, our debt counsellors contact debtors and institutions regarding your finances, arguing your case and finding the best means for repayment plans. As the communicator to the lenders, your debt counsellor freezes your accounts, places you on debt review and walks you through the process. From repayment structures to court rulings, it is the counsellors job to ensure the clients knows what’s what.

So, why use a debt counsellor? They hold your best interests at heart, fighting for the best possible repayment plan – ensuring you can repay your debts while still surviving in the daily grind of life.

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