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A debt counsellor can place you under debt review

Many people ask, “Why use a debt counsellor?” and the answer is simple. A debt counsellor can place you under debt review and ensure that your assets are kept safe from repossession. When you use the services of a registered NDA debt counsellor – you no longer have to deal with your creditors. When they call you – you simply refer them to us. Soon their harassment will stop and you will have more peace of mind.

Whether debt advice or full debt review, using a highly competent NDA counsellor allows you to rest easy knowing you have someone fighting for your best interests. With clients all over South Africa, NDA has experience in negotiating with creditors to get you the best interest rates, the longest terms and the lowest overall repayment plan.

The question should not be: “Why use a debt counsellor?” It should be: “Why use an NDA debt counsellor?” That answer will be:

  1. We are informed, educated and committed to getting you out of the spiral of debt.
  2. We don’t only want to see you debt free – we also want you to change your mindset and become financially free.
  3. We have many years of experience in the industry – and are trusted by consumers and creditors alike.
  4. We are real people, with real problems just like you. We will not judge. We will not shame. We will only help.


How we do it


How we do it

We do NOT offer loans.
We help even if you are blacklisted.
We lower monthly instalments by up to 50%.
We protect your assets and credit profile.
We help you become debt-free, risk-free.