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Debt review is generally considered a much more efficient and effective route to removing debt as opposed to making other arrangements. The process is not only safe, but will also ensure that you are debt free within a reasonable time frame. As a result, it will let you get on with your life without debt hanging over you.

At National Debt Advisors, the debt review process is managed by our educated and professional debt counsellors. They make sure that all of our clients are provided with excellent, trustworthy service.

While undergoing the debt review process, South African consumers are legally protected and given rights by the National Credit Act, as long as they remain up to date with their debt rehabilitation payments. Your NDA debt counsellor will deal directly with your credit providers, acting as the middle man when concerning communication. In other words, creditors are not allowed to contact or intimidate you for payment – they must deal directly with your counsellor. Distributing funds and negotiating repayment plans with better rates. This allows you to let a professional handle your finances for the best possible outcome.

Not only a safe guard, the debt review process can also be seen as an educational process. It shows the client how to budget, save and plan out their financial future effectively. Showing you where to cut back and where to spend, this follows the idea of “If you give a man a fish he will eat for a day, if you teach him to fish he will eat for a life time.”


Why choose debt review

Component 251
Component 251
Afford your monthly living expenses.
Pay lower monthly installments.
Consolidate your monthly payments.
Protect your assets from repossession.
Stop creditors from harassing you.